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Best Business Brokers in Maryland (Top 11 You Should Consider In 2024)

After our in-depth research into Maryland business brokers, we compiled this list of the top 11 best business brokers in Maryland.

Business owners in Maryland will at one point or another need a business brokerage firm or a business advisor.

Whether you are looking for an exit strategy or want to consult about how to grow your business there is a firm on this list that can help you.

Below is our list of the best business brokers in Maryland for you to consider when selling or buying a business.

Transworld Business Advisors of Baltimore North

Transworld Business Advisors of Baltimore North

Among the best business brokers in Maryland sits Transworld Business Advisors of Baltimore North. Transworld is not only in Maryland.

In fact, even though it is one of many Maryland business brokers, it started in another state. Founded in Florida in the last year of the 1970s, Transworld Business Advisors became almost an instant success.

This gained some attention and it wasn’t long before a franchise specialist wanted to help the business grow even more.

Once Transworld became a franchise opportunity there was no stopping how far the company would go.

Now there are Transworld offices all over the world and they are one of the top business brokers in Maryland as well as many other states.

This brokerage firm really focuses on three things. Business brokerage, franchise consulting, and franchise development.

These are the three pillars that the company is built on. Since they are a franchised company, they have a unique ability to help other companies do the same.

If there is a struggling franchise, they can help them get back on track. They can also help owners sell, prospective buyers buy and walk through an exit strategy when the time is right.

With years of experience, Transworld is able to help in almost any arena.

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CGK Business Sales


Business brokers in Maryland are not hard to come by. In fact, there are many within a relatively small area.

But CGK Business Sales stands out from the others with their experience and range of services.

One of the services they offer is business valuation. The first step for any owner wanting to sell is to know what their business is worth.

If the owner doesn’t know or hasn’t had a valuation done before, CGK can help. There are a few ways that valuation is done by CGK.

The first way they could do it is to do an asset approach to business valuation. This puts a lot of weight on the assets the business owns. The assets are weighed against the liabilities to determine the value.

The other way is an income approach. This is a forward-thinking approach.

They estimate what the business will make in the future based on past trends. This is then weighed against the present value. This will give a valuation.

The final way is the comparable transactions approach. This is often the way it is done because it looks at similar businesses in the area to determine a value.

Besides valuations, they do have a great track record for closing deals all over the country. CGK has offices in many different cities and states.

This allows for a larger network of potential buyers.

Atlantic Business Brokers

Atlantic Business Brokers in Maryland is a broker that specializes in Franchise sales. While that is their specialty, that is not all they do.

Atlantic Business Brokers is also a brokerage firm that wears many hats. They work with commercial real estate, small businesses, and large businesses.

They have been in business for over 30 years and have helped countless owners and buyers realize their dreams.

Whether that dream is to exit the business that they built or buy their first franchise, Atlantic is there to help.

On their website, their mission is stated and it is simply to help sellers sell and help buyers buy. They also want to help that happen as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Atlantic Business Brokers in Maryland prides itself on treating each person they work with like a partner.

They believe that they would not be in the brokerage business if they didn’t have the clients they serve.

This belief led to their success as one of the best business brokers in Maryland.

If you are curious about what types of businesses they really do sell you can check out the listings part of the website.

This shows what is currently for sale and they have a section that talks about past sales.

The BAF Group LLC

The BAF Group of business brokers in Maryland is a small office of three brokers. They are all committed to the service of their clients.

While their main focus is business brokerage and commercial real estate, they also offer another service.

If you are a business owner that is in need of a liquor license but don’t know how to get one, The BAF Group can help. There is a spot on their website that has an inquiry form.

If you fill this out they will be able to contact you and help get the process started.

Also if you are interested in finding out more about the businesses that they sell, there is a listing tab on the website.

The BAF Group LLC does have a blog, several blogs actually. There is one specifically for sellers and one specifically for buyers.

They also have general information and articles on the blog to help business owners.

Prime Investments Business Brokers

Prime Investments Business Brokers in Maryland is a brokerage firm that is firmly planted in the mid-Atlantic.

They have offices set up in a few different states in the mid-Atlantic area. They are a broker that doesn’t work with small businesses.

If your business has an annual revenue of $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 and you are ready to sell then Prime Investments are the best business brokers in Maryland for you.

They take security and confidentiality very seriously. They know that no one should know that your business is for sale.

This is why they developed the six-step security procedure. If this procedure is followed to the letter by your brokerage team then there is no way the news will leak.

Because of their years of experience and commitment to confidentiality, you can be confident in your choice when you use Prime Investments Business Brokers in Maryland to help you sell your business.

Another thing they are very proud of is the fact that they have no upfront fees. They will help you sell your business and won’t get paid until you do.

Hollingsworth Business Consultants LLC

Hollingsworth Business Consultants LLC is much more than just a brokerage firm. They truly believe in helping a business owner reach their version of success.

They don’t only help plan an exit strategy, although they do that as well, they also want to help a business grow.

Their goal is to help owners and buyers reach their goals through acquisitions, divestiture, and growing the business.

This is something that the owner and founder of Hollingsworth Business Consultants LLC have been committed to since 1987 when she opened the doors.

These commitments to owners and businesses are what has made this company one of the best business brokers in Maryland.

This company is one of the Maryland business brokers that will even help startups. They want to be on board from the beginning of the business.

This helps the owner grab onto success earlier because of the guidance they receive from Hollingsworth Business Consultants LLC.

If you aren’t sure if they will work with your business the best thing to do is call and talk to them directly. You can also look at the listings page to see what kind of businesses they represent.

The Biz Sellers Business Brokers

The Biz Sellers Business Brokers in Maryland is one of the top brokerage firms in the state. This is because of their overwhelming commitment to their clients.

Founded by Brian Felderstein, this company has thrived from his 30 years of experience in the financial and entrepreneur industries.

The services that are offered by this firm can only be matched by their outstanding level of customer service.

They do help owners sell their businesses by attracting buyers with their marketing plans as well as other services.

One of the other main services that they offer is business valuation. While this a common offering by brokerage firms, there are some that don’t do this part.

Their overall goal is to help owners sell their business as quickly and easily as possible. Selling a business doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out process and Biz Sellers believes that.

If you are looking for Maryland business brokers that will have you best interest in mind, you can be confident with this choice.

They do have a listings page on their website. Looking at this will give you a good idea of the businesses they have experience with.

Horizon Business Brokers

Horizon Business Brokers in Maryland has become a top brokerage firm in Maryland. They have been in business for a relatively short amount of time.

This firm was founded in 2006 by Dustin Seher and it has not stopped growing since. This has been possible because of their commitment to quickly closing sales.

Even though they want the transactions to be closed as quickly as possible they don’t sacrifice quality and ethics.

Horizon Business Brokers believes that the backbone of their company is their incredible team of brokers.

This team is detail and task-oriented without being cold or unfriendly. They treat every client like their only client.

They are what is considered a full-service brokerage firm. They can value the business, come up with a marketing plan, and help you figure out what to do to get your business ready to sell.

Their website is transparent and gives a full overview of what the process is like for a buyer and a seller. This is important for building confidence in their clients.

They also have a section of the website that answers questions that potential clients usually ask.

The Mc Nor Group Inc

The McNor Group Inc is a group of brokers that has a very specific niche or specialty. While some brokers will specialize but work outside of that specialty on occasion, McNor is not like that.

They stay specifically within that specialty. This brokerage firm only helps clients buy and sell dental practices in the Maryland and Mid-Atlantic area.

Their website is extremely helpful and answers questions and lays out the general process that buyers and sellers go through.

As with any other business transaction, confidentiality is important. McNor understands this and is committed to the privacy of their clients.

Buying or selling a dental practice can be something that is not easy to accomplish. There are many things that need to be worked out before.

Will the client list be sold? What about the equipment?

These questions need to be answered and navigated by professional brokers that have the experience to do this well.

They can also help the dental practice owner with a valuation of the practice. Just like with any business, the owner needs to know what the selling price should be before listing it.


Lisiten Associates Business Brokers is a business that has been helping business buyers and sellers since the 1980s.

They put every client first and makes no exceptions when it comes to excellent customer service.

The niches they cater to are the private businesses that makeup to $100 million in sales. This puts them in the small and mid-market business niche.

They want to make sure the businesses around them are growing and the economy is doing well. This happens with healthy businesses and transactions.

They value confidentiality above profit and will do everything in their power to make sure the whole transaction is secret.

The THOR Group LLC

The THOR Group LLC was founded more than 17 years ago in the Maryland and mid-Atlantic area.

They are what has been considered a specialist in mergers and acquisitions but are definitely a full-service brokerage firm.

This brokerage firm will help clients in a number of ways. The top way is with the sale of a business.

However, they will also assist in the valuation of the business as well as helping with preparing an exit strategy.

They handle the marketing, contracts, due diligence, and making sure the buyers come to the owners.

The brokers that work for this firm treat each client like the only client. They also value the need for confidentiality and professionalism.

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