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20 Best Business Brokers In North Carolina

Choosing from the many business brokers in North Carolina can be an overwhelming task for business owners or buyers. With a plethora of North Carolina business brokers, we wanted to take the guesswork out of finding the right one for you. We have put together a list of the 20 best business brokers in North Carolina that can meet your buying and selling needs.

Sunbelt Business Brokers Raleigh (#1 Best Business Brokers In North Carolina)

North Carolina business brokers sunbelt

Sunbelt Business Brokers in North Carolina is not an independently owned brokerage firm. However, it does offer something several of the firms on this list can’t offer.

Because Sunbelt Business Brokers in North Carolina is a franchised business, the size of the buyer, seller, and broker network is unbelievably vast.

A large network is a benefit when trying to sell businesses. With the ability to tap into the network of potential buyers, the sellers will reap the benefit of a quick sale.

On their website, they take the time to talk about each aspect of selling or buying a business, starting with valuations. Many business brokers in North Carolina aim to protect the seller’s privacy. Sunbelt is fiercely protective and insists on full confidentiality.

They understand that a breach in the non-disclosure agreement by the broker, buyer, or seller can tank the deal and possibly the business. Choosing from among the North Carolina business brokers that take confidentiality seriously will benefit your business transaction.

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Viking Mergers & Acquisitions (#2 Best Business Brokers In North Carolina)

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Viking Mergers and Acquisitions has been in business for 24 years. Started in 1996, the founder and his son had already been entrepreneurs who had bought and sold businesses before.

The idea behind founding one of the best business brokers in North Carolina was to serve an underserved market. The mainstreet market, or “mom and pop shops” need knowledgeable business brokers just like the mid market and the multibillion dollar businesses.

The founders realized this, as a mainstreet business owner, and decided to do something about it. One of the services they offer in addition to business buying and selling is succession planning.

Business owners have the opportunity to decide who their business will go to when they are no longer able or willing to run the business.

Viking Mergers and Acquisitions can help owners handle succession planning in advance to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Transworld Business Advisors – Asheville WNC (#3 Best Business Brokers In North Carolina)

North Carolina business brokers transworld

Transworld business brokers in North Carolina share a long and awarded history with their parent franchise, Transworld Business Advisors. Enjoying awards such as Top Global Franchises, Entrepreneurs Franchise 500, and Top Franchise for Veterans.

The Transworld Business Advisors in Asheville North Carolina is actively involved in their community. There is a page on the website showing what some of their business advisors do in the community.

When it comes to buying and selling a business, Transworld business brokers in North Carolina are experts in the field. They can walk a buyer or seller through the process from making the decision to sell all the way to the finish line.

Each of the franchises are individually owned and operated but are required to maintain the Transworld standards. This gives clients the confidence to know how their transaction will be handled.

Interested buyers can go through the listings on the site to see if there is anything they are interested in pursuing. If they don’t find anything, they can still contact a broker to discuss what type of business they are looking for.

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BCNC Investments, Inc.

BCNC Investments, Inc is independently owned by Dana Smith. She is a business owner outside of being one of the most sought after North Carolina business brokers.

The company hasn’t always offered professional, no obligation valuations but now they do. This has been an important addition for business owners considering selling.

Having in house valuations can start the business relationship off on the right foot. This is in addition to the business buying and selling side of BCNC Investments, Inc.

They do have a listings page where all of the currently available businesses are. Because this is a small, independently owned broker, there isn’t always a large amount of listings.

However, with confidentiality and clients experience at the top of the priority list, there are always new business owners enlisting the services of BCNC Investments, Inc

They back up their claim to success with a list of successful transactions in Western North Carolina. BCNC Investments, Inc also handles the sale of commercial real estate as well as empty lots.

Murphy Business & Financial – Carolinas

Murphy Business and Financial, the Carolina branch, is an independently owned franchise. As part of the Murphy network of brokerage firms.

Even though the franchises are independently owned, the overall Murphy brand determines things such as who can be a broker. They have strict stipulations and requirements for their brokers.

Each of the brokers must have personal experience as a business owner. If they have not been a business owner then they need to have been some type of senior executive in a business.

Their website is very detailed and has extensive information on buying, selling, and valuations. As part of the services offered by Murphy Business and Financial, business owners can have a business valuation done.

Murphy in the Carolinas also deals in commercial real estate and machinery appraisals as well as mergers and acquisitions. The website also has a full digital library of resources to help with any questions business owners or buyers may have.

Adena Business Advisors, LLC

Adena Business Advisors, LLC is adamant that they are not anything like other business brokers in North Carolina. They don’t even call themselves business brokers.

With brokerage associated with putting together business deals, whether they work for both parties or not, Adena Business Advisors doesn’t use that term. They refer to themselves as mergers and acquisitions advisors.

The term “advisors” is used because they advise both buyers and sellers to help them prepare businesses and find the best deal. Rather than pushing a sale when it isn’t a good fit, they would rather take the time to find the best option and outcome for both parties.

In addition to working with the buyers and sellers, they also work and coordinate with the professionals on their team. This could be CPAs, attorneys, or financial advisors.

Adena prides themselves on being diligent, honest, and full of integrity from the beginning to the end of a sale.

In addition to buying and selling, Adena Business Advisor offers other helpful services to their clients. Tax planning services, lease review, and business consulting are just a few of the additional services.

First Choice Business Brokers – Raleigh Durham

Business brokers in North Carolina are not hard to find. But to find one with the experience and integrity of First Choice Business Brokers-Raleigh Durhan can be more difficult.

First Choice recognizes that buying or selling a business is worlds apart from buying and selling a home. This requires expertise to be passed on to the buyers and sellers. First Choice does just that.

They have built their business on elevel key principles that are unwavering. With integrity and professionalism as the top principles, the rest fall into place.

They have a commitment to their clients and a passion for helping buyers and sellers meet their goals. The brokers at First Choice business brokers take communication with their clients and other professionals seriously but embrace a true work/life balance.

The services they offer cover many areas of business buying and selling. First choice handles valuations, mergers and acquisitions, custom business searches, as well as transactional guidance.

VR Business Brokers

Like many business brokerage firms, VR business brokers in North Carolina started when the owner sold his first business.

After the owner sold his pet fish business, he decided he enjoyed brokering business deals and completed an MBA. This set him up with the education and knowledge to complete business to business deals.

With hands-on experience, they can pass on what they know to the buyers and sellers. To what they offer, VR Business Brokers has webinars to help educate real estate and financial professionals as well as answer questions they may have.

This is a service that is unique to VR Business Brokers. Another service owners can count on is the valuation service. Knowing the value of a business can set owners on the right track.

The CBA Group

The CBA Group offers a range of services for North Carolina businesses. The first service that owners will find helpful is a free market range evaluation.

They don’t offer a free valuation as the valuation process can be long and rather specific, however, they do offer a market range. This will give owners a range of value based on different variables and circumstances.

CBA Group can help owners with all types of exit planning. This could be the sale of the business outright, succession planning, closing the business, or how to proceed if there is a death or accident.

When the time comes to sell the business, The CBA Group has a process that is easy for owners to walk through. They can help with listing, marketing, and finding qualified buyers.

Your CBA Group broker will also handle all of the negotiations between the buyer and the seller. This is a valuable service that is included in selling the business with CBA Group.

MidStreet Mergers and Acquisitions

MidStreet Mergers and Acquisitions has two solid decades of brokerage experience to share with their clients. The business was developed with middle of the road business in mind.

The founder saw a gap in services for businesses that are not mainstreet market businesses or mid-level businesses. For lower mid-level businesses who miss the criteria for brokers who work with mainstreet or mid-level businesses, it is difficult to find a broker to help.

MidStreet Mergers and Acquisitions exclusively serves this underserved business market with the same level of dedication and customer care that can be expected from brokers dealing with different levels.

Southern Mergers & Acquisitions

With free valuations available to any of the business owners interested in selling, Southern Mergers and Acquisitions has quickly become one of the go to business brokers in North Carolina.

They pride themselves in being fully committed to the buyer and seller privacy during the sale. As a full service business broker, they can help with any aspect of the buying, selling, or planning process for business owners.

While they can and do sell all types of businesses, Southern Mergers specializes in the industry niche. This includes businesses involved in manufacturing, distribution, and service.

New South Business Brokers

As a business broker in Wilmington, North Carolina, New South Business Brokers has a speciality in closely-held businesses. This means, they specialize in businesses that have the majority of shares possessed by less than five people.

These could be large companies or mid-sized companies, all that matters is the number of shareholders.

They offer three services to their clients. Brokers at New South can handle buy side, sell side, and business valuations.

Gulfstream Mergers & Acquisitions

Golfstream Mergers and Acquisitions is owned and operated by Jim Kniffen. With more than 30 decades of entrepreneurial experience, the founder has a wealth of knowledge and resources to offer his clients and fellow brokers.

Gulfstream offers more than just buying and selling to their clients. As a full service firm, they can help with everything from exit planning to financing and everything in between.

The website also has resources available for education and information. This can help anyone interested in buying or selling figure out where to start.

Southeast Business Alliance

Southeast Business Alliance is determined to make sure they help the sellers make it to the closing. Because there are so many pitfalls along the way, it is important for the broker to be focused on the details of the sale.

This is what the brokers at Southeast Business Alliance guarantee their clients. One thing that makes them different from other brokers, is the way they approach selling a business.

Other brokers “list” businesses but Southeast Business Alliance “represents” businesses. The difference is in the way they find the buyers.

JPA Dental Transitions

JPA Dental Transitions is a niche market broker. They specialize in dental practices. Because selling or buying a dental practice is different from the process for other businesses, it is important to choose a broker who only works with dentists.

Their website has a wealth of information and transition tools for both buyers and sellers. The website also has practice listings so interested parties can see what is available in their area.

The founder can also be booked for speaking engagements. These can address transitions, partnerships, and dental industry changes.

Charlotte Capital

Charlotte Capital is a brokerage firm with 15 years of experience as a firm. Their brokers bring even more experience with them.

Charlotte Capital is an advisory board that assists clients with both buy-side and sell-side transactions. Other services include capital raising as well as restructuring for finances.

Operating on four core values, clients can be sure that they will have an honest and smooth experience with Charlotte Capital.

Duke Business Advisors

Duke Business Advisors is owned and operated by Steve Duke. He has the education and experience to give his clients confidence in his services.

He offers other services in addition to buying and selling. Duke Business Advisors can also help with exit planning and growth consultations.

Intermediary services are also something buyers and sellers can expect from Duke Business Advisors.

National Restaurant Properties

National Restaurant Properties specializes in the niche market of restaurant and business sales. The founder and owner has bought and sold many restaurants personally and found that it was the selling of the restaurants he liked the most.

This is how he began National Restaurant Properties. Now they are a nationwide brokerage business.

Interested buyers can look at the listings on the website to find a business that they want to purchase. Or they can work with the brokers to do a custom search.

Using their proven methods, both the buyers and the sellers come out on top.

Dogwood Business Brokers & Advisors

Dogwood Business Brokers and Advisors is independently owned and operated. This gives them the freedom to do what is best for the clients.

The brokers can work with both the buy-side and the sell-side as well as offering business advice for growth or change. There are also valuation services business owners can use to find the true value of their business.

There are two principal brokers running the company and both of them bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

ENLIGN Business Brokers

ENLIGN Advisors can help with several different aspects of business transactions. One of the main services is helping business owners sell a business.

They also offer valuation services as well as merger and acquisition services. All of their advisors are certified and able to help with any of the aspects of the buying and selling process.

These advisors can help business owners maximize the value of the business before listing it for sale. This helps the transaction go smoothly and benefits both the buyer and the seller.

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