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Best Business Brokers In Massachusetts (The Top 17 In 2024)

In this review, we will go over the best business brokers in Massachusetts and their many features. With this information, you can find the business broker in Massachusetts that is going to work best for you.

Selling your company can be one of the most complicated things that you have to do as a business owner. This massive transaction is unlike some of the others you may have overseen. There are many things to consider and focus on that you may or may not know about.

Luckily, there are business brokers in Massachusetts that will take care of these things for you. For a fairly small percentage, they will oversee the sale of your company. Not only that, they will also get it in front of targeted buyers and help you get a higher asking price. Being informed can not only save you headaches, it can make you money on your sale.

Sunbelt Business Brokers Boston-Providence

best business brokers in Massachusetts sunbelt

Sunbelt Business Brokers deals primarily in the Boston and Providence area. They are part of a large network that operates offices all over the United States. Because of this, you get access to all of these nationwide resources.

Sunbelt Business Brokers sells all kinds of companies. They have everything in their marketplace from house cleaners to meal delivery apps. If you are based in the Boston-Providence area, your company will be at home in their listings.

Even though they have offices based locally, Sunbelt is a national company. This could be an issue if you are extremely concerned about staying local. Owners who want to keep their sale targeted to their area, could find another business broker in Massachusetts.

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ROI Business Brokers

ROI Business Brokers

Since 1997, ROI Business Brokers has been serving clients in the New England area. They are based in Massachusetts and have a reach all over the north eastern United States. They focus on selling engagement and getting you a higher value.

ROI Business Brokers sells mainly established brick and mortar businesses. They have many local companies in the Boston area for sale. They focus primarily on the service and retail industries and also commercial real estate.

If you are a strictly web-based business, there might be better Massachusetts business brokers for you. ROI Business Brokers has roots in New England specifically and deals in storefronts and physical locations. Web-based companies should find a broker with more experience in that arena.

Cabot Business Brokers LLC

The CEO of Cabot Business Brokers, Bob Karlis, was an entrepreneur and marketer before forming the brokerage. Working exclusively in early-stage ventures at the beginning of his career, Bob knows how to build from the ground up. This means he has good insight into what it’s like to be an owner or manager.

Located in Hingham, MA, Cabot Business Brokers deals in both online and brick and mortar companies. Because of this, you can find a place on their roster no matter what type of company you have. They have the experience to sell within all kinds of industries.

Cabot Business Brokers offers exit plan strategies and confidentiality agreements to their clients. Both of these can be incredibly valuable to you as the seller. These things alone could be worth the broker fee.

Synergy Business Brokers LLC

Since 2002, Synergy Business Brokers has been selling companies and building their buyer pool. With local marketing and targeted mailings, they have put together a list of 25,000 active potential buyers. With that kind of pool to choose from, your company is much more likely to find a buyer.

Synergy Business Brokers deals with many different industries. Software, HVAC, Education, Concrete and more all grace their listings. If you have a company that is service-based they generally have experience selling one like it. This can be a major selling point if you fit in that niche.

One of the downsides of Synergy Business Brokers is that they are not specifically a Massachusetts business broker. They deal in sales all over the north east and New England. If you are looking for a local broker, there may be better ones for you.

BayState Business Brokers

BayState Business Brokers handles sales that are anywhere from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000. Specializing in this size allows them to focus on those types of buyers who typically look for that level. Knowing your buyer pool is key, and any good business broker in Massachusetts will know that.

BayState Business Brokers handles primarily manufacturers and retail locations. They have several liquor stores on their roster as well as auto-related companies. There are many other industries represented in their listings as well.

Although their office is based in Needham, MA, BayState Business Brokers handles sales all over the state. They have brokered many sales in the Boston area and can help sell a company based there. Their agents are familiar with a wide variety of markets all over Massachusetts.

The Online Group Business Brokers

The Online Group specializes specifically in sales of brick and mortar businesses with sales over $250,000. Their buyer pool is interested in that bracket so those are the companies they take on. With that kind of specific targeting, your company could find a home there.

Even though they have a specialization, they also sell other types of companies. They deal in eCommerce and Amazon businesses as well as digital marketing businesses. Their niches are very specific but if you fit in there, they know the right buyers.

One of the downsides of specialization is that you may have to find a different business broker in Massachusetts. Depending on the size and location of your business, they may not have the resources to sell it. By requesting a valuation from them, you can find out if it will be a good fit.

George & Company

The George & Company brokers have 40 years of experience walking people through the sales process. They pride themselves on being able to create a smooth transition between business owners. Of all the business brokers in Massachusetts, they are the most focused on your exit plan.

George & Company has a specific company profile that they work with. Dental, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution are the industries that they primarily sell. They also serve not only Massachusetts but almost all of New England.

If your company is not in any of George & Company’s preferred industries, they may not be the best choice. There are plenty of other business brokers in Massachusetts that can take on your sale. That is the nice thing about brokers specializing in niches.

New England Restaurant Brokers

Generally, restaurants are the most difficult type of company to sell. Their customer base is fickle and usually loyal to the owner. On top of that, there are usually many more administrative considerations to be made. New England Restaurant Brokers solves that problem.

New England Restaurant Brokers deals in buying and selling franchises and full service restaurants. Their dedication to this one area of business makes them a great choice for restaurant owners. They know exactly what needs to be done to make this complicated transaction go smoothly.

If you are a restaurant owner in Massachusetts, you may want to find a restaurant broker in your area. New England Restaurant Brokers works all over the north east so they are not as locally minded. There are other business brokers in Massachusetts that are more focused on the state.

Empire Restaurant Brokers

With more than 30 years of experience, Empire Restaurant Brokers are a full-service restaurant brokerage. Their CEO, George Gourousis, was a restaurateur before starting Empire so he knows what it’s like. He understands the day-to-day aspects of running a restaurant.

Empire Restaurant Brokers deals in restaurants in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Connecticut. They have sold restaurants all over the north east and know the various markets within each. Every town is different when it comes to their food and they understand this.

Even though they sell many restaurants in Massachusetts, they are not exclusive to the state. They may not have some of the very specific local knowledge that is required for your area. Because of this, you may want to look for a business broker in Massachusetts that has sold near you before.

My Broker Sells LLC

The founder and president of My Broker Sells, or MBS Business Brokers has a background in dry cleaning. He worked in this specific business niche for over 40 years. Because of this, he understands the dedication and focus that is required to build a company from the ground up.

Because of their CEO’s background, MBS sells many dry cleaning services. If you deal in the industry in any way, they could be a very good choice for you. This is not limited to stores and could be in chemicals or equipment as well.

MBS has the major selling point of offering financing to buyers. Many buyers don’t want to get financing from a third-party, so it is nice that it is offered in house. If your company fits within their niches, they could be a very good choice.

Professional Business Consultants

Professional Business Consultants has been working with clients to facilitate sales and mergers for 25 years. They sell everything from small mom and pops to massive operations.

Professional Business Consultants deals in the Lawn Care, Pest Control and Grounds Maintenance industries. Their CEO, Jim Mello, was in the Lawn Care business for many years before becoming a broker. This dedication to the industry has allowed them to build up quite a buyer network.

Obviously, the downside of Professional Business Consultants being so focused on one niche is that you may not fit in. They come highly rated and if you are not in the Lawn business, you are, unfortunately, missing out.

Squizzero, Carp & Associates

Squizzero, Carp & Associates have developed a selling system over their 20 years of business. They keep a very small client pool that they maintain close relationships with. This allows them to give your company the attention that it needs.

Squizzero, Carp & Associates specializes in gas stations, liquor stores and convenience stores. They are local to Massachusetts and offer an edge in that market due to their focus on the niche. They have a few listings elsewhere in the north east but they are primarily a business broker in Massachusetts.

If your business is not like the others that Squizzero, Carp & Associates is selling, don’t fret. They offer a free valuation and consultation that will let you know if it is right for them. They know what will sell best to their buyer pool and you might be surprised where you stand.

Gunville & Co. LLC

Businesses have been coming to Gunville & Co. when it is time to sell since 1990. They work with you through every step of the process and will help you make big decisions. Their dedication to their clients on a personal level is what makes them stand out.

Gunville & Co. has a strict valuation process that will help determine what your business is worth. They will look at things like tangible assets and financial statements. This process can help you learn if you are ready to sell or not.

Gunville & Co. is based in Weymouth, MA and services the Boston area specifically. If you want to expand to other parts of the north east, they might not be a good choice. There are other business brokers in Massachusetts that sell outside the state.

Business Broker Services, Inc

Marcia Rosman, the Principal of Business Broker Services, Inc has been working with clients for more than 25 years. Her experience in connecting buyers and sellers has continued on through her seminars and workshops. By educating others, she has become an incredibly knowledgeable business broker in Massachusetts.

The confidentiality at Business Broker Services, Inc is something that really stands out. Before you can gain access to their listings, you must register with them. This increases security and is a major selling point if discretion is key for your sale.

The downside of Business Broker Services, Inc is that it is a small brokerage. They do not have the reach that some of the other, larger networks have. Depending on what your goals are, this could make them a less than ideal choice.

Panther Equity Advisors

Vincent Murphy, the CEO of Panther Equity Advisors is registered with the International Business Brokers Association. He is also partnered with the New England Business Brokers Association. If these kinds of credentials are important to you, they could be a great choice.

Panther Equity Advisors prefers to work with a small group of clients at a time. This allows them to give each one the attention that they need for a successful sale. This is one of the things that makes them stand out from some of the other business brokers in Massachusetts.

Panther Equity Advisors will help you prepare your business for the sale. Having a good exit strategy is key to a smooth transition of ownership. Without that, the sale could end up being a less than pleasant experience. Luckily, they keep that small client pool and can give you the attention.

Allen Business Advisors

Allen Business Advisors has over 60 combined years of experience selling businesses in Massachusetts. They are three loan officers and one PhD and work with clients to get the highest value for their companies. With that much experience, they know how to best sell your business in the current market.

Allen Business Advisors specializes in architecture, engineering and land surveying businesses. They have developed a pool of buyers who they work with to sell these kinds of companies. By staying in those lanes, they can develop the relationships necessary to generate the right leads.

The roster of Allen Business Advisors is specific to their niches. Any kind of mapping, surveying or legal practice would be at home in their listings. Because of this, other companies might not fit in and will have to look for other business brokers in Massachusetts.

Corbett Restaurant Group Restaurant Real Estate Brokerage In Boston

The brokers at Corbett Restaurant Group have been selling restaurants in Boston for many years. The team of six has a combined 60 years of experience as brokers. In the difficult world of food-service, experience is the most important thing.

Corbett Restaurant Group deals in food-service companies of all types. Everything from exclusive fine-dining to national chains have made their way into their listings. Because of this, your restaurant can probably be matched up with a broker who knows the specifics of selling it.

Corbett Restaurant Group works in Boston, but has offices all over the United States. Many restaurant owners are adamant about working with local companies. If you are one of these restaurant owners, they may not be the best choice for you.

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