Affiliate Disclosure takes advantage of different monetization methods, such as affiliate programs. With this method, the site can earn a commission when someone clicks on the affiliate link and signs up for those services. While the site gets credited with a commission, the person who clicks the link does not incur any consequences or additional costs. So for example, we may recommend a business broker and we may have an affiliate relationship with that business broker. So when someones clicks our affiliate link and uses their services, we may get a commission.

All of the business brokers that we recommend are those that we have personally and thoroughly tested and/or researched. One element of our business model is affiliate marketing. It is immensely important to us that we remain credible for our readers, and this is shown through the quality of our information and our websites.

Third-Party and Sponsor Ads

Image and text advertisements present on this website on side columns and other areas outside of the body of the articles can be sponsor ads from third parties. We might not or we may personally endorse the services and products that are part of these ads. The companies associated with the ads often are compensating us for advertisement space. We are working to ensure that the ads on our site are in line with our Privacy Policy and relevant to our website’s content. provides an online service that reviews and compares a variety of business broker services. Based on our research and evaluations, our site makes recommendations of the market’s best services.

At, we are dedicated to protecting the privacy of all of our website’s visitors. Any and all information that you supply to our website will remain confidential. We will never share any of the provided information, unless required by law, with any third party.

What Does Do with Your Information?

When you visit our website and interact with the pages and features, including using our personal recommendation service, we collect the information that you provide, such as your Facebook profile information, your name and your email address.

Disclosure and Consent

When you use our personal recommendation service or give us personal information for any other reason, such as submitting a review of a business broker, we imply that you are consenting to us collecting what you provide and only using it for that specific reason.

If there is a secondary reason for us asking for any personal information from you, such as for a newsletter or marketing purposes, we will either allow you to say “no” or we will ask for your expressed consent directly.

On occasion, we might use information that you give us that does not state your identity or is personal for other purposes at our sole discretion. This may include using it for companies or people not in the United States. We might also use de-identifying techniques, such as encryption, to alter personal information in a way that does not allow you to be identified and provide or sell such as altered information to anyone for any purpose. This includes to companies or people not located in the United States.

If you opt in, you can decide in the future to withdraw your consent should you change your mind. You can Contact Us to withdraw your consent regarding us collecting information, disclosing information, contacting you or using your information.

User Generated Content

When you submit a business broker review or other types of user-generated content, we might also gather personal information. By submitting content to our site, you are agreeing that we might utilize the content that you submit, along with personal information that you send with it, such as your name, either permanently or on a temporary basis without providing you with any compensation.


Cookies are a type of small file that a service provider or a website transfers via your web browser to the hard drive on your computer. This only happens if you allow it. The purpose is to allow the service provider or website systems to recognize the browser that you are using and to remember and capture specific types of information.

On our website, we utilize cookies for tracking different statistics related to our website. By doing this, we are able to better understand our site’s visitors for the purpose of improving upon our site’s functionality and layout. This tracking ensures user anonymity via the way that it is conducted. The majority of web browsers will accept cookies as their default. However, should you not want any cookies to be transferred to the hard drive on your computer, you can refuse cookies.

Changes to This Policy

At any time, we reserve the right to make the necessary changes to our privacy policy. Because of this, site visitors should look at it often to see if any changes were made. As soon as clarifications and changes are posted on the site, they immediately take effect. If we make any material policy changes, we will make you aware of this. This allows you to know about any changes that may relate to how we use and collect information, and how we disclose or use it.

Contact Information and Questions

Please contact us if you should like to correct, delete, amend or access any of the personal information that our website may have about you. You can also contact us to get more information about our website or to register a complaint.

Terms and Conditions

This website is operated and owned by When you access or use this site, you acknowledge that you have understood agreed to and read all of the conditions and terms. Please avoid using this website if you do not agree with any of the conditions and terms.

Consent and Ownership

You agree that all information is only for personal use, and that you may not redistribute, sell or use any of the information on this site for any type of commercial purpose unless you get express permission from

Your Privacy is Important

We at are dedicated to protecting the privacy of all people who visit and interact with us. Any information that you give to our website will always be maintained with the strictest confidence and kept confidential. No information will ever be shared with a third party unless the requires this action.

Affiliate Compensation Disclosure

The owner might receive compensation for the recommendations that are made associated with the services or products discussed on this site.

This compensation may come in different forms, including money, complimentary products or services and might exist without any of the visitors on the website needing to take any action. If you decide to buy a service or product that this website recommends, you understand that the owner may receive some type of compensation. For example, the owner might be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking on one of the affiliate links on the site.

This Compensation Disclosure is given to you to ensure the full disclosure of any possible relationship between a service or product, and its owners and, and for your protection.

Website Information Accuracy

We strive to ensure that all pricing, rates and other information listed on this website is accurate. Should an omission or error occur, we correct it as soon as practicable once we are notified that a change needs to be made. The information provided on this website comes from a wide array of sources, including our own research and directly from service and product providers. We do not guarantee that this website will always be fault free or free from errors, and we do not accept any liability at all for any omissions or errors.

We also let visitors add to the website’s content by writing reviews or sharing their personal experiences with business brokers. We do monitor this content to ensure that it does not contain any unauthorized activity or illegal activity. However, we do not vouch for the content’s authenticity or accuracy, and we do not endorse any of the opinions that contributors share.

Because of this, you should only use this site to obtain general information and go directly to the business broker to make sure that you are getting the most updated and accurate information prior to acquiring their services or products or signing up as a member. You are using this website at your own risk. will never be liable to any person for any financial or otherwise decision made or other type of action that some takes based on the information omitted by or contained on this website.

Third Party Providers’ Services and Products

Via the hyperlinks on, you can apply for the services and products offered by third-party providers. When you click on these links, you are connected to the business broker provider that is associated with them. does not provide most of the services that you see on the website. Instead, third parties offer them and does not have any control. You should ensure that you are satisfied with what a third party has to offer prior to purchasing services and products from the third parties. We have no liability for the information, services or produces that third parties provide. Do not solely use the information on to inform yourself about third party offerings but go directly to the third-party provider for more information.

Security of Information does everything possible to ensure the integrity and privacy of all information provided by website visitors. However, it is possible that a third party could unlawfully observe such information while stored in the website’s systems or when it is transmitted over the internet. We cannot always make sure that our network resources, email communications, computer systems and downloadable files are completely protected against unlawful access. This includes no guaranteed protection against viruses, or the misuse, theft or alteration of information. accepts no liability, and it is up to you to pursue appropriate legal action against the third-party perpetrator should an issue arise.


These Terms and Conditions may be revised by at our discretion at any time. If revisions are made, they are effective immediately.