Selling a business or selling a website can be very confusing if not downright stressful! That’s why I started Business Brokers Rated. My goal is to help others navigate the confusing world of selling a business and choosing the right business broker.

My Qualifications

How do I know what it takes to sell a business properly using a business broker?

During my over 30 years of being a self employed business owner, I have sold eight businesses worth several million dollars. Six of the businesses I sold were sold by using a business broker. My largest sale came by using a business broker called “Website Properties“.

I have also used the services of Flippa and Empire Flippers to sell other businesses as well.

So as you can see, I have an extensive background in not only building successful businesses but in exiting those businesses profitably using a broker.

How We Rate Business Brokers

Unlike many other sites that may give you basic information about a particular business broker, here at Business Brokers Rated we go through a very thorough process before we ever post a business broker review.

Below is an overview of our in-depth process we use to rate business brokers:

  1. Search for business broker’s information.
  2. Give broker information to our team of researchers.
  3. Our team does comprehensive research into the broker.
  4. A member of our research team contacts every business broker to check response times and to get detailed info on fees and closure rates.
  5. One of our research writers compiles the data and creates the review of the business broker.
  6. The review gets published and is searchable on our site.

As you can see, we do a complete and thorough job of researching each broker. On top of that we make personal contact with each and every broker you see listed on the site.

Learn How To Sell Your Business

If you’re new to selling a business of any type, be sure to read our complete guides to selling a business and selling a website.

Find The Perfect Business Broker

If you’re ready to sell your business and are looking to find the perfect business broker, then be sure to read through our business broker reviews. These reviews rate every major business broker. If you want to save time, see our pick for the top business broker and get your business sold fast and for the highest price.