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Business Brokers in Alabama (The Best Revealed For 2024)

There are business brokers in Alabama and all over the world that are ready and willing to help owners exit their businesses.

While it is great to work with a company that understands the business on a global scale, it is also nice to work with a broker that understands your local economy.

That is especially true if you happen to own a small business in Alabama. Not just Alabama but this article is talking about business brokers in Alabama.

It is possible to use a broker that is not based in your state to complete your transaction or advise your business. There is a broker on our list that is actually based in a state that borders Alabama.

However, we wanted to give business owners and potential buyers in Alabama a variety of brokers to choose from. Some clients may want a broker that is local and understands the culture.

Others may want a small-town feel with a global touch.

We did some research and found six of the top business brokers that operate in Alabama. There is something for every type of business.

Whether or want to buy or sell a main street business or a mid-market business, you will find a broker on this list to help you.

If you find a broker that may be able to help, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for more information.

Sunbelt Business Brokers South

sunbelt business brokers

Sunbelt Business Brokers South is one of the best business brokers in Alabama. While SunBelt has offices all over the country, Sunbelt Business Brokers South services businesses in Alabama.

Sunbelt Business Brokers is actually a business broker that is franchised. They started as a small company but have grown over the years.

Due to this growth, the leadership decided that the right move for the company was to follow the franchise model. Which is how there are branches on Sunbelt Business Brokers all over the world.

They call this the Sunbelt Network and it gives invaluable benefits to buyers and sellers.

Not only are they business brokers they are also mergers and acquisitions advisors. They can help and work with small businesses as well as the larger companies that would benefit from the mergers side of it.

Sunbelt Business Brokers South also has an office in Daphne Alabama that is owned by the same franchise partner. This is convenient for those that need a business broker in Alabama or Florida.

Sunbelt Business Brokers South pride themselves on their approach to business sales and mergers. They see each owner or company as an individual and tailor the approach.

They want to do what is best for each client. This means that while they do have procedures and practices in place they adapt things as needed.

Sunbelt Business Brokers South has a truly global reach. Since they are part of the Sunbelt Network they have access to a large pool of potential clients.

If you have any questions they are happy to answer them through phone or email.

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Founders Advisors

Founders Advisors

Founders Advisors is a business broker in Alabama that focuses on one market type. That market is mid-market.

This means that they only deal with businesses and companies that are valued over one million dollars. It isn’t uncommon for some firms to stay only in this niche.

Founders Advisors got its name from one of the main principles of the company. They like to deal with the founders. This is something that is fairly unique to this company.

It truly speaks to their character and values.

The founders of companies tend to be very emotionally attached to the business because of the time, sweat, and tears that they poured into building the company.

When selling or expanding, the founder is most likely to see things differently from an employee or even a high ranking member of the leadership team.

There are three services that are offered at Founders Advisors. Those are sell-side advisors, buy-side advisors, and capital solutions.

This company is relatively young. Founders Advisors was founded by Duane Donner in 2003. He was largely on his own with just a handful of employees that believed in the vision for the company.

Since then, the company has grown and now has offices in a few different places. Just recently they opened an office in Dallas, TX.

Because of the growth they have experienced, they do have a large team that is ready to support the company and help those looking to buy, sell, or expand a business.

Even though they are a mid-market company, they do have a variety of industries that they serve. Technology all the way to healthcare can be expanded and acquired with the help of Founders Advisors.

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OLD Inc Business Brokers

OLD Inc Business Brokers

When it comes to Alabama business brokers, there are few that have the ethical standards and small-town feel of OLD Inc Business Brokers.

They designed the business this way on purpose. In their eyes, the gold standard in business sales is personal attention and focus from a broker.

This can only happen with a small business brokerage firm.

Even though they have a small-town feel, they are actually a global broker. They do focus mainly on Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. However, they have a small office in the United Kingdom for international sales.

Part of what gives these Alabama business brokers a small feel is the small stuff. They only have about three people on the payroll.

Each of these brokers has different areas of expertise and will help clients in different areas.

They choose to keep their business this small so they can provide the highest possible standards in ethics and care. There won’t be any clients that get lost in the shuffle because the roles are clearly defined.

It is unclear who the founder is of OLD Inc Business Brokers in Alabama but it appears that it may be a woman named Rebecca Walker-Jones. She actually started her career as a business broker in the UK and then moved to Alabama.

She seems to have partnered with two other brokers to help with the workload that comes from working in two different countries.

As far as the type of businesses they sell, they focus mostly on main street businesses. However, they have handled larger mid-market sales from time to time.

Brown Business Brokers

Brown Business Brokers

If you are looking for business brokers in Alabama that really get Alabama then this is your brokerage firm.

Brown Business Brokers are passionate about serving the community they grew up in and still live in.

They want to see their state and community thrive and grow through ethical and timely business sales and transactions. Because of this passion, they serve mostly the main street market.

One thing that they pride themselves on is that most of their brokers have the first-hand experience with buying and selling businesses.

Most of the brokers have been entrepreneurs themselves. This gives them a really unique perspective when it comes to helping owners exit their businesses.

This fact is something that they use to put buyers and sellers at ease. Knowing that your broker has been in this same situation personally is not something that can be duplicated or faked.

Transparency and realistic pricing is something that you can always count on with Brown Business Brokers in Alabama. They want your business but not enough to lie to you about the price you can get.

The founder and current president of Brown Business Brokers is Fletcher Brown. He is who the company is named for.

He brings real-world experience and connections all throughout Alabama to make sure businesses are sold to the right person at the right price.

When it comes to business brokers in Alabama, Brown Business Brokers has a finger on the pulse of Alabama life. They want to help sell your business whether it is a main street business, a franchise, or commercial real estate.

Have you ever wanted to get into the restaurant or bar business in Alabama? One of the top business brokers in Alabama specializes in selling restaurants and bars.

I Sell Restaurants and Bars was founded by a man named Randy Shurbet. He has a wide range of experience that plays very well in this business.

He does have some first-hand experience in food distribution as well as restaurant and bar ownership. Randy has also worked in commercial real estate and the business broker industry.

I Sell Restaurants and Bars also has a small team that works behind the scenes to make sure the daily business operations run smoothly.

While this broker can help prospective buyers purchase an already established bar or restaurant, they can also help you get started from the bottom up.

There are options and flexibility available for those interested in getting into this business, as well as for those trying to exit.

On the websites of this business broker in Alabama, interested parties can look at the listings to see what is available. However, to look at the details of the businesses a non-disclosure agreement is required.

This is because all of the business listings are confidential. It could hurt the restaurants if the public knew that they were selling.

This is an important aspect of the I Sell Restaurants and Bars brokerage firm. This is one of the best business brokers in Alabama for this niche.

If you are wanting to get into the restaurant business or get out of it, this is the broker to contact.

Montgomery Business Brokers

Montgomery Business Brokers

Montgomery Business Brokers in Alabama started out as a division of a real estate company called Dabwood, LLC. While Montgomery Business Brokers is doing well and thriving in the Montgomery area, Dabwood, LLC is no longer in operation.

Montgomery Business Brokers has taken over much of that business. This brokerage firm is fairly small and stays in the Montgomery area.

They do reach to a few other areas that are close by but really try to stay local. Montgomery Business Brokers deals in a range of businesses.

A potential client can be the owner of a small main street business or they can be the owner of a large multi-million dollar organization. Montgomery treats all of their clients the same and tailors the marketing plan to each one.

The website for Montgomery Business Brokers in Alabama is not full of flash and background information on the company.

But they do have a very nice page for the listings they currently have. There are some listings that are very detailed and give the names of the business.

However, most of them are confidential. By this, we mean that the name is removed and the identifying details are not shared.

As with most firms, they require buyers to be pre-qualified and have a non-disclosure agreement signed in order to see the details.

They do have quite a bit of contact information in the form of a contact form, email, and phone numbers.

If you have any questions or are interested in how to sell a business, you can contact them for those details.


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