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WeBrokr Review (What We Found After Our Research)

You’re here because you want to get more information on the WeBrokr business brokerage. We have done extensive research into this firm so that we can bring you the answers you need with this in-depth WeBrokr review.

UPDATED: July 2024

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Overview Of WeBrokr

There is very little information about this business broker on their company website so we did our best to piece the facts together for a more complete WeBrokr review.

WeBrokr is a boutique mergers and acquisitions firm that was founded in 2012. The brokerage was started by Logan Abner who is the current CEO of the company.

This business broker offers sell-side and buy-side services. This means they help people sell businesses and buy businesses.

On the sell-side WeBrokr helps websites, apps, and online channels find buyers to acquire their businesses.

On the buy-side, they help interested buyers find websites, apps, and online channels to acquire that may not even be for sale.

When we reached out to WeBrokr they told us that many of their acquirers have been working with them for over 5 years, and have acquired multiple businesses from the firm and that returning customers in their industry is a great benchmark to gauge the quality of an M&A firm. Additionally, nearly 30% of their listings have come from referrals from satisfied clients who have sold their business with WeBrokr in the past.

Since they are a boutique M&A firm, they only take a limited number of clients at any given moment. They limit this number so they can give more careful attention to their current clients. Their goal is to give full attention to those who are currently using these services rather than take on too many listings and lose the personal touch.

For example, at the time we compiled this WeBrokr review, they have three businesses listed for sale. This is a very small number compared to larger business brokers such as Transworld Advisors or Sunbelt.

Types Of Businesses WeBrokr Sells

types of business sold by webrokr

WeBrokr deals mainly in online business sales such as single-owner websites to companies that are in the INC 500. Essentially they are what we call a website broker which is a business broker that works with online based businesses such as websites and ecommerce related companies.

They have grown to become one of the most reputable boutique M&A firms for online businesses valued between $1 million to $10 million.

Their website shows that they have sold many different types of web-based businesses including:

  • Men’s Fashion Site
  • Car Forum
  • Celebrity Blog
  • Coupon Blog
  • Car Video Site
  • Wrist Watch Forum
  • File Hosting Business
  • Pregnancy Community
  • Wealth Blog
  • YouTube Channel

and several more types of business were sold by this business broker.

All in all 37 online businesses have been sold by this firm according to their website stats.

WeBrokr Valuation Process

Like must business brokers or website brokers, to get a valuation from WeBrokr you will need to contact the firm. Unlike most business brokerage websites they do not seem to have any way to get a valuation online.

We assume their valuation process is like other firms. The team at WeBrokr will gather your business financials including your trailing 12 months of data. They will also gather other important information about your business they will then use to give you a proper selling price for your business.

Sales Process

sell-side services

The sales process for this brokerage is very much like that of other business brokers. Their team goes to work to help you create a specific plan to sell your business. It all starts with the free valuation and consultation.

Once they start the process, they will guide you through every step of the sales process all the way until your business closes. Basically they become your guide to make sure everything is done correctly from beginning to end.

WeBrokr Success Rates

While we do not know the exact number of businesses WeBrokr has sold over the last 8 years, we do know as mentioned above that they have sold 37 businesses as shown on their website.

We do know however that their closer rate is above 80%. This was given to us after we contacted the firm and they informed us of their success percentages.

According to their team, they attribute their high success rate to the fact that they complete a thorough review and valuation of all companies prior to listing them. This allows them to ensure the valuation they set prior to listing is a price point that they’re confident with. It also helps them to be confident that their acquirers and the market will also be willing to pay the sale price.

Fees Charged By WeBrokr To Sell A Business

WeBrokr is like many business brokers in that they work on a commission-only fee structure. Unlike some brokers, they do not charge any retainer or upfront fees. They work on a commission-only basis, meaning they are incentivized to bring you the highest possible acquisition price, with the best possible deal terms.

The fees charged by this firm are not listed on their website. However, here is a list of the commission structure as given to us by the WeBrokr staff:

  • Valuations under $1 million are subject to a 15% commission
  • Valuations $1 million to $3 million are typically charged a 10% commission
  • Valuations $3 million + are negotiable on the commission percentage

Pros And Cons Of Using WeBrokr

In this section of our WeBrokr review we will take closer look at the pros and cons of using this firm.


  • Great for those looking to sell a website or any web-based business
  • Very good response times (56 minutes)
  • Smaller firm so more personalized experience
  • Limit number of clients
  • Free valuation


  • Younger firm compared to others
  • Higher fees than some business brokers
  • Very limited information on their website

Conclusion And Verdict

After careful research into WeBrokr, we will summarize our findings here.

We like the fact that this business broker specializes in web-based businesses. This will not work for those selling or buying a brick and mortar business, but for those looking to sell or buy an online company, this is their expertise.

The response times of this business broker are extremely good. As we contact every firm before we write a review, WeBrokr responded to our request within 56 minutes which is a good sign. This means you should have no issue contacting them should you have issues.

This is a smaller business brokerage. This can be a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it. If you’re looking for a smaller more personalized experience that limits the number of clients they work with, they may be a good fit for you. If however you’re looking for a larger more powerful brokerage that has hundreds of clients at once but has more extensive outreach, then you may want to look at others such as Link business brokers, Murphy or others.

On the downside, this is a younger firm compared to others who have been around for 20 years or more. Website brokers such as Website Properties bring a personalized touch but with many more years of experience under their belt.

They also have slightly higher success fees than other business brokers in the market. For example, Website Properties has fees as low as 6% and Quiet Light Brokerage has fees as low as 3%.

We wish the WeBrokr website provided more information about their company. The information is so limited it’s hard to form a complete picture as to who they really are. They do not even have information about their staff which is a bit odd. We also wish they listed their fee structure on their website but they do not.

That being said, if you’re looking to sell on online business, we do feel that this firm has a decent track record and can get the job done.

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