MicroAquire Review

MicroAcquire Review

If you’re in the business of buying or selling websites you’ll want to use a reputable marketplace full of trust and quality. As new marketplaces pop up every year it can be hard to know which ones are safe to use. With money involved, they can attract scammers and misleading people.

That’s why we like to provide you with unbias reviews so you can be confident about what marketplace to use. We’re going to be covering Microcacquire in this guide, which includes the benefits, drawbacks, commission fees, and everything else you need to know about Microacquire.

Let’s get into it.

UPDATED: June 2023

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Overview of MicroAquire

MicroAquire Review

Microquire is an online marketplace founded by Andrew Gazdecki. Their main goal is to connect buyers and sellers to trade online businesses such as SaaS or E-commerce companies.

As Microacquire isn’t a brokerage they don’t charge a fee when listing your website, or a final sales fee when your website sells. Instead, they charge a yearly subscription that gives you access to buy and sell on their marketplace.

Andrew wasn’t happy with the current acquisition market so he started his own company with the end goal of making selling your startup a pain-free process. Microacquire wasn’t founded in 2020 and in just two years they have over 100,000 users and have done $100 million in total acquisitions.

For Sellers

Microacquire vow to sell your business quickly and for the maximum price. They have a team of specialists dedicated to helping with this process, you can hire advisors and be on your way to selling an asset within 30 days.

Microacquire has a simple three-step process its sellers must undergo.

Set Up Your Account

This is the important information potential buyers will need to know about your business. During this process, you’ll describe your startup, explain why you’re selling, integrate financial metrics to verify, add a payment gateway, and finally upload your pitch deck.

Get Help To Sell

Microacquire has over 100 specialist advisors on hand to help you with the selling process. They all have different areas of expertise whether it’s to help you with due diligence, boring legal stuff, or tax information you can access them instantly through Microacquire.

Connect With Buyers

Microacquire will put your business directly in front of hundreds of potential buyers. Eager buyers can then ask for more information about your startup for example analytics, the number of customers, or MRR. If both parties are happy you can receive a letter of intent within 30 days.

As the founder you’re able to approve or deny information requests so only you choose who can view your website.

For Buyers

Microacquire claims to be the ‘fastest, easiest way to acquire your new startup’. They have hundreds of startups vetted by acquisition experts and a team of advisors to help you with every step of the buying process.

When it comes to a business listing, Microacquire provides you with everything you need to know in order for you to make an offer. You can filter each listing to your preferences, they include :

  • Startup category e.g (Saas, E-commerce)
  • Startup price
  • Startup revenue
  • Search by profit

Each listing also includes a number of metrics, so the buyer has a clearer picture of what the business is like. These metrics include :

  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Number of customers
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • 20+ financial metrics

Microacquire also helps buyers out with financing, they work with Pipe and E-commerce lending to provide some upfront cash without the need of chasing funding.

Types of Businesses MicroAquire Sells

Microacquire is a marketplace for digital assets which includes online websites, or startups as they’re referred to on the website.

They focus on SaaS companies however there is a wide variety of other websites available to buy on the marketplace, these include :

  • Mobile
  • Shopify
  • Agencies
  • E-commerce
  • Crypto

At the time of writing, there are currently over 2000 listings on the marketplace, all within different niches for potential buyers to choose from.

MicroAquire Evaluation Process

Before a website can be listed on Microacquires marketplace it needs to go through a valuation process. This is the process of giving the asset a price at which it can be sold. A typical valuation process will consist of entering information about the website like when it was started, monthly income, expenses, and other details.

Microacquire is a marketplace that allows the seller to come up with their own listing price, whereas other websites tell you what your listing price must be.

As a seller, you get the independence of putting a price on your website, but it must be a fair evaluation or else no one is going to buy it.

Microacquire doesn’t directly assist with this process however they do have a valuation tool you can use to get a rough estimate of your assets price. It’s completely free to use and all you have to do is connect your stripe account to the tool and it will help you with the valuation process.

MicroAquire Sales Process

If you evaluated your website and like the price, your next step is the sales process. Unfortunately, Microacquire doesn’t hold your hand through this so it’s up to you to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Other marketplaces act as a mediator to ensure both parties leave happy however Microacquire doesn’t do this.

A mediator will act as a middle-man to make sure :

  1. The buyer gets the website.
  2. The seller receives their funds.

This can be a concerning process as you don’t want to get scammed. In this case, you would need to use an external mediator such as Escrow. They will hold the seller’s funds until the buyer confirms the website has been transferred over to them.

MicroAquire Commission Fees & Pricing

Many brokerages and marketplaces will typically charge a fee for their assistance during a buying or selling process. However, Microacquire isn’t one of them as they don’t take any money for listing your website nor do they charge you a commission if your asset does sell.

Instead, Microacquire has a yearly premium membership users can buy to gain exclusive data on startups that regular users don’t have access to.

Microacquire premium costs $390 a year and opens up more opportunities to those who choose to buy it.

MicroAquire Commission Fees & Pricing

As a business model, this works perfectly for Microacquire due to them getting yearly revenue even if websites on their marketplace aren’t selling.

MicroAquire Success Rate & Credibility

Microacquire doesn’t have a success rate percentage on their website like some other marketplaces do however they have sold over $100 million in assets so I think that gives them a bit of credibility.

There is also a testimonials page on their website that shows an endless amount of positive reviews from startup founders who have successfully sold their business using Microacquire.

They also claim to have over 100,000 users using the marketplace, and as Microacquire is still new to the acquisition scene this says a lot about them.

MicroAquire Success Rate & Credibility

There is also a testimonials page on their website that shows an endless amount of positive reviews from startup founders who have successfully sold their business using Microacquire.

They also claim to have over 100,000 users using the marketplace, and as Microacquire is still new to the acquisition scene this says a lot about them.

4 Major Benefits of MicroAquire

No Fees To Pay

As Microacquire is a marketplace and not a full brokerage they don’t charge you any fees when listing a website, or even after your website sells. This is very appealing as other marketplaces can charge up to $350 just to list your asset on their website.

Microacquire does have a premium membership but it’s completely optional and you don’t have to buy it.

Specialist Advisors

One thing I like about Microacquire is their team of specialist advisors ready to give professional help should you need it. Worried about tax problems? Hire one of their tax advisors. Worried about due diligence? Hire one of their advisors who specializes in due diligence.

Put Your Business In Front of Potential Buyers

One of the main problems people will struggle with when it comes to selling a business is actually finding someone who wants to buy it. This is where Microacquire’s marketplace comes in handy to show your website to hundreds of verified buyers.

Gives You Access To High-Quality Assets

If you’re interested in buying a successful website that’s been verified and vetted then Microacquire is just the place. With over 2000 active listings there are countless businesses to choose from. These assets range from different niches and monetization methods so there is something for everyone.

2 Major Drawbacks of MicroAquire

Not Much Support

Buying or selling a business can be an exhausting process with all of the different steps involved. Microacquire only acts as a marketplace for you to either buy or sell, after that they leave you on your own.

This means the change of ownership, transferring of funds, and the after-sale process are your own responsibility. Some people may prefer the independence this brings, while others might prefer to have support through the whole process.

No Affiliate or Content Websites

In 2022 niche and affiliate websites have never been more popular. However, from taking a look at the Microacquire marketplace they currently don’t offer any affiliate or content-based websites. The majority of companies you’ll find on Microacquire are SaaS, E-commerce, or dropshipping stores.

FAQs About MicroAquire

Is Microacquire Legit?

Microacquire is a completely legit marketplace for buying or selling a digital business. They have been running since 2020 and have already crossed $100 million in total acquisitions.

There are currently 100,000 members buying and selling on Microacquire with this number growing every year.

Does Microacquire Charge Any Fees?

Microacquire currently doesn’t charge you any fees when it comes to listing a website or after you’ve successfully sold one. The only fee Microacquire charges is a premium subscription fee of $390 a year, however, this is completely optional and you can use buy and sell on Microacquire without having the premium membership.

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