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Best Business Brokers in Colorado (Top 23 To Use In 2024)

When it is time to buy or sell a business in Colorado you want to make sure you have one of the best business brokers in Colorado on your side.

But how do you know which broker is best or will work with your business?

We have done some research and found the business brokers in Colorado to help all types of businesses.

Within this list we have brokers that work with small businesses, mid-sized businesses, as well as specific industries and niches.

Read through this list to find a broker that can help you with your business needs.

Sunbelt Business Brokers-Denver (Best Business Brokers In Colorado #1 Pick)

Sunbelt Business Brokers

Sunbelt Business Brokers in Denver is a franchised office of the Sunbelt Network. This is a company that was founded as a single office.

As they started to grow, the founder decided that the best way to grow the company was through the franchise system.

They serve Denver area businesses that fit the small and mid-market business niches. They can also help with advising and valuations.

One thing they do that goes along with how their business has grown is franchising services. There are also valuation services that help business owners.

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business brokers in Colorado

One of the few business brokers in Colorado that offers a completely free and no-obligation valuation of your business, Raincatcher is committed to treating clients like family.

They layout their mission and core values on their website and don’t mince words. One of the values is that family comes first. Then they welcome you to the family.

They do have a mission that helps owners build confidence in the choice to make Raincatcher their Colorad business brokers of choice.

Raincatcher wants to see the business owners get what they rightly deserve. The owners put their all into their businesses and Raincatcher wants to honor that.

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Business Broker Colorado

Business Broker Colorado

When it comes to business brokers in Colorado, this brokerage firm prides themselves on their personal touch.

While they do big business and want to give each client personal attention, this is done by a small staff.

Currently, there is only one broker and he is the founder. But he is passionate about helping owners get the most for their business.

It is important to note that they are transparent when it comes to their fees. Nothing is due up-front. All fees are paid upon closing.

They are also committed to keeping your sale discreet and will maintain your trust.

Crestone Business Group

Among the top business brokers in Colorado is the Crestone Business Group. This is a firm that has a small staff but big results.

They have an array of services that can help your business. Whether you are ready to sell or need some consulting to take your business to the next level, Crestone Business Group can help.

When it comes to Colorado business brokers, This group has the experience to help you get to where you want to go or build an exit strategy.

Denver Business Brokers

Founded in 2003, this is one of the business brokers in Colorado that have been in the business for nearly 20 years.

They wanted to help business owners grow their businesses when they wanted to as well as help them sell when they were ready.

The industries and businesses they serve are the main streets and lower mid-market areas. They specialize in the food industry, wholesale, construction, and retail.

That is just a small example of what they work with on a regular basis.

Cole & Company, Inc

There are not many business brokers in Colorado that serve the national and international business market. Cole & Company, Inc is one of those brokerage firms.

They work with small and large businesses around the globe. Because of this, they have an extensive network of potential buyers.

One of the services they offer business owners is an appraisal service. They can help you sell your business and tell you how much it is worth.

There are three brokers in this company that offer their expertise to sellers and buyers alike.

Colorado Business Exchange

Colorado Business Exchange is not just in this business for the sale. The founder of this company decided he wanted to truly help business owners.

Whether that means selling it for the highest possible value or transitioning out in a different way, he can help.

He also wants to help match sellers with buyers that believe in what the business has been previously and want to take it to the next season.

The owner and principal broker is a transition specialist and has many certifications that will help with various areas of brokering.

Proforma Partners

One of the better business brokers in California, Proforma Partners has been in business since 1987.

With longevity like that, they know about the changes that can happen in the broker industry.

They focus mainly on mid-market and privately owned corporations. They tout an extensive national and international network of potential buyers.

This can only help those that are ready to sell. Having potential buyers that are qualified and ready for a new venture.

The brokers that work for Proforma are some of the best brokers in California because they offer first hand experience.

Many of them have or currently do own their own businesses.

Business Brokerage Services, LLC

This is one of the business brokers in Colorado that specifically serve Denver area small businesses.

They don’t want to divide their attention among too many varieties of businesses.

One of the things they pride themselves on is giving personalized services to both the buyers and the sellers.

They also offer absolute transparency to their clients. While they are discreet with the seller’s information, they are open with the brokerage firm’s information.

One thing that sets them apart is the founder. He is currently a business owner in the Denver area.

This allows the brokerage firm to offer a different perspective to the buyers.

Colorado Business Brokers

Colorado Business Brokers is a firm that understands the climate of the Denver small business market.

While some would see this market as saturated, the brokerage firm sees it as an opportunity.

They know exactly how to help owners sell and buyers buy the right business at the right price.

Colorado Business Brokers does know that owners will need help. Because the market has so many businesses for sale it would be hopeless to go at it alone.

With decades of combined experience, the brokers in this firm are ready to serve the small business owners and buyers of Denver.

Front Range Business Inc

Front Range Business Inc is definitely one of the more seasoned business brokers in Colorado.

They have been helping business owners since 1986. There are many different types of services that they offer.

Not only do they work with small to mid-market businesses, but they also facilitate mergers and acquisitions.

They have multiple offices along the Front Range of Colorado allowing them to serve a greater number of clients.

When you choose Front Range Business Inc as your broker, they will help you every step of the way. From pricing to marketing to closing, they will do everything to ensure a smooth transaction.

ASG Business Brokers, LLC

ASG Business Brokers in Colorado serve a smaller category of businesses. While there are many brokers that serve both the small and mid-market, they do not.

ASG Business Brokers in Colorado specialize in mid-sized businesses. This is another one of the best brokers in Colorado.

They have been in the business of helping business owners and buyers since 1982. They pride themselves on working their hardest for each client.

ASG Business Brokers serves every single part of Colorado. Nothing is out of reach.

InterMountain Business Brokers LLC

InterMountain Business Brokers in Colorado help business owners and potential buyers in Denver. However, they can help clients all over the state.

This is a brokerage firm that was founded and is still managed by an experienced entrepreneur. He has first-hand experience with starting a business and then selling it.

This gives him a special perspective that will allow the business owners and buyers to have confidence in his services.

While he likes to help clients build a million-dollar business, his heart is with small businesses.

National Business Brokers & Consultants

While the name says “National” this brokerage firm is firmly anchored in Colorado. With that being said, they do work outside of Colorado.

They don’t work with all of the states or even half of them. However, if you live in Colorado or the states that border it then you are in luck.

This firm is one of the best business brokers in Colorado and their track record proves it. They have sold numerous businesses and because of their due diligence, have a high closing record.

ENLIGN Business Brokers & Advisors – Colorado

One of the bigger business brokers in Colorado, ENLIGN does not work with main street markets. In fact, they only work with businesses that have revenues in the excess of $1 million.

While this isn’t a bad thing, you need to know so you don’t use the wrong broker.

They treat every business transaction with the utmost confidentiality because they know how important it is for a business sale.

The brokers that work for ENLIGN use tested practices to make sure that businesses sell for the highest value possible on the market.

All of the brokers are also certified brokers.

Rocky Mountain Practice Sales

Rocky Mountain Practice Sales is different from the other Colorado business brokers. They have a very specific niche.

They only work with one industry and that is the Dental industry. This is one of the business brokers in Colorado that is committed to one sales space.

This firm was actually founded by a dentist and his wife who was his office manager. They saw a need in this niche area.

They knew they had what it takes to help other dentists sell and buy practices. They take a small commission that can be as low as 5%.

Bray Business Brokerage

Bray Business Brokerage firm has a hand in many parts of the industry. They not only offer brokerage services but also offer property management.

They deal with mergers and acquisitions as well. The businesses that they work with range from main street markets to mid-markets.

Bray Business Brokers work with a number of industries. They believe this diverse portfolio is one thing that has helped make them successful.

With a full service brokerage firm clients can be sure that they will have a partner to help.

This builds a confidence that is needed to sell businesses and offer consulting services.

The consulting services that they offer include exit strategy as well as growth planning. They want to help business owners in any way they need.

American Business Brokers Inc

This is one of the business brokers in Colorado that does a little bit of everything. They work with small and large businesses.

On top of that they also work with private corporations and will help with mergers and acquisitions.

They offer a valuation service as well. This is what would be considered a full service broker.

In business since 1980, seven years later it became incorporated. It started as a sole proprietorship. However, they have thrived ever since.

The FBB Group, Ltd.

This group is one of the best business brokers in Colorado. They don’t just serve Colorado because they have national affiliations that help network buyers and sellers.

This is a group that has been in the business since 1982 and shows no signs of slowing down. They help privately held companies.

The FBB Group is able to help negotiate even the toughest transactions. They do this by serving as a business intermediary.

Their goal has always been to help owners get the most from their businesses. As well as helping buyers find what is a good fit for them.

Rocky Mountain Business Advisors

A business broker that offers great advisory services in Colorado is the Rocky Mountain Business Advisors.

They offer a free consultation for any owners or potential buyers that are interested in using their services.

But they offer more than advice. They offer the top advice in the industry as well as a full team of certified brokers.

You can trust your transaction in their experienced hands. They will stop at nothing to bring the best buyers to the owners of the businesses.

Exit Brokers

Exit brokers is one of the business brokers in Colorado that really focuses on the exit strategy of the business owners.

They work hard to help prepare a business for sale. Not only that, they work with qualified buyers to match them with just the right business.

They offer consultations for those interested in their services. If you don’t like what you hear, you don’t have to continue with this company.

They do specialize in more of a mid-market industry.

Touchstone Business Advisors

Touchstone Business Advisors sets itself apart from other business brokers in Colorado by offering a few different services.

They don’t want to just broker deals or offer financing. They want to be one of the Colorado business brokers then help businesses grow and thrive.

One way they do this is by offering operations improvement strategies. When a business has efficient operations they are more effective and profitable.

This is great for the owners if they keep the business or if they sell. They also offer growth consulting and business planning.

Business World Brokers Inc

One of the best business brokers in Colorado, Business World Brokers Inc is concerned with making sure owners get what their business is worth.

They have developed an extensive network of potential buyers over the years. This helps them make sure the businesses they are selling don’t sit as a listing for too long.

They specialize in mid-market businesses in practically every single industry.

If you are ready to sell a business or want to own your own business then you will be in good hands with Business World Brokers Inc.

We-R Business Brokers

This is one of the best business brokers in Colorado for a few reasons. One of those is because of the expertise one of the owner’s brings from her previous career.

Marcie Woolworth has been a business broker since 1995 but prior to that, she spent 20 years in the judicial system.

Because of this experience, she is the closing expert in the office. She can also navigate tough legal issues that happen.

The other business broker in the office is her husband Ron. He has been in the real estate business for years.

Together they have built a successful brokerage firm that sells businesses in both Colorado and Wyoming.

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