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Motion Invest Review (Is This Business Broker Any Good?)

In this Motion Invest review, we will cover all aspects of how they do business and what they are all about. We will also cover things like what types of businesses they sell and what the valuation process is like. By understanding everything they can do for your company, you can make the best choice.

Buying or selling a business or website can be an intimidating process. Many times, people don’t know where to start or who to take their business to. This can lead to under-valued businesses and overspending on new ventures.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, a business broker could be your best bet for selling. They not only have the knowledge to sell your company, they also have access to buyer pools. These buyer pools are usually made up of hot leads that are already hungry to buy.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to buy a company or website, a broker will also be able to help. They usually have rosters of businesses and websites that are already either established or on their way. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on a new venture.

One of the hardest things about selling a business is generating the leads necessary to get your asking price. By working with a broker, you can be sure that you have high quality leads. This can make all the difference in your transaction.

Motion Invest is a business broker that specializes in online domains and companies. They have dozens of businesses already for sale and are always looking for more. They are a one stop shop for all business transaction needs.

UPDATED: November 2023

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Overview Of Motion Invest

Motion Invest is a relatively new company but the people behind it are anything but green. The staff at Motion Invest is made up of entrepreneurs and business owners like you. Their experience and know-how from those ventures carries over seamlessly to a brokerage.

Motion Invest co-founder and CEO, Kelley Van Boxmeer has been managing website portfolios for years. With so much experience in the online entrepreneurship world, she knows the market well. This is invaluable if you are trying to sell your portfolio of sites or even just one business.

Co-founder Spencer Haws has been buying and selling businesses online for over a decade. His specialization in blogs, podcasts and other media makes him a valuable asset. If this is the type of business you want to sell, Motion Invest could be a good choice.

Jon Gillham is the final co-founder of Motion Invest. With a busy schedule and a full time job, Jon still managed to build up and sell several online businesses. He took this knowledge and helped create Motion Invest to share his expertise in buying and selling websites.

All of these co-founders had the same mission in mind. They wanted to create a brokerage where sites with a small monthly income could still sell and be competitive. This is an incredibly rare thing in the world of business brokerage.

This low cost of entry means that Motion Invest is open to almost anyone. If you have a small, but stable affiliate page or eCommerce business, you could potentially get it sold. This makes them a great choice for those who want some options that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

Types Of Businesses Motion Invest Sells

Types Of Businesses Motion Invest Sells

Motion Invest sells sites that have a monthly income of anywhere from $20 to $7,000. This means that they are open to companies that have not been in business long. Because of this, they fit right in with the fast-moving world of eCommerce.

Motion Invest’s roster consists of all kinds of websites. Many of them are content-based sites such as blogs, product guides and how-to sites. Most of these types of companies make money using Google AdSense or other types of advertisements.

They also have many sites that are Amazon affiliates. What this means is that these sites will link to products that are relevant to their content. Then, whenever a customer purchases something from those links, the sites get a percentage.

This type of business model is perfect for small, regularly earning websites that are ready to sell. Just because your site isn’t earning millions every single year, that doesn’t mean it’s not sellable. Motion Invest understands this and uses it to their advantage.

Most of these Amazon affiliate sites create content that is relevant to the products they are linking to. These usually consist of things like musical instrument sites, home improvement and more. Any sort of content site that can link to products on Amazon could potentially be sold at Motion Invest.

Affiliate sites can sell original products too, and Motion Invest deals with these eCommerce as well. Bath and beauty sites fall into this category and are especially popular. Motion Invest has many beauty and diet product sites in their roster.

Motion Invest Valuation Process

Valuation Process

Any time you want to sell a business, you will have to go through a valuation process. This means that Motion Invest will go through your company’s history and finances. They will then determine whether or not your business will be a good fit.

The valuation process can be done in different ways. Motion Invest offers an immediate, bot-generated valuation that is performed on the site. This can give you a good idea of what kind of price your site can fetch.

The nice thing about the instant valuation is that you can do it before moving on to the next step. It will be able to give you a ballpark figure of what your company could be worth. This will be invaluable to you if you are not sure if your company is ready to sell.

Once you have completed the instant valuation, you will move on to the official Motion Invest valuation. This process can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week or so. They will do everything they can to accurately value your company and get you the best selling price.

Many times, when a broker does a valuation, they will have to do a huge amount of due diligence. This means that they will go in depth and it will require many phone calls and meetings. This is the way that valuation processes are usually done.

Motion Invest, however, is dedicated to getting you an accurate valuation in a short period of time. They try to do as much due diligence as they possibly can while still keeping the process easy. They will get your business’ value to you quickly and without too much of an invasive valuation process.

Sales Process

The best thing about Motion Invest’s valuation process is their two-part system. This allows you to get a vague idea about how much you could possibly sell for. This will help you decide if you’re ready to make the move to the actual valuation and sale.

Once you have gone through the valuation and are happy with the price, you can begin your sale. This is when your company will be added to Motion Invest’s online marketplace. It is where buyers go to find companies they might be interested in.

The best thing about the sales process with Motion Invest is that buyers will come to you. This is so difficult to find independently and is a major plus to using a broker. Since Motion Invest has such specific requirements for companies, that means the buyers are targeted.

Targeted buyers mean you can get a higher selling price for your company. Since the buyer pool that Motion Invest maintains is specifically looking for these sites, your odds are better. This can help give you the confidence you need in this transaction.

The thing that really sets Motion Invest apart is the fact that they are also a buyer. If your site fits some of the requirements, Motion Invest will buy it themselves. This means that some of the business transactions can be finished up in under 72 hours.

Motion Invest also offers a sale guarantee. This is possibly the most valuable feature that they offer. What this means is that if Motion Invest takes your company on, they guarantee that you will sell that company. With that kind of peace of mind, Motion Invest could be a good choice.

Another nice option is that this business broker has a transfer team that helps you to transfer everything over to the new owner once the site sells. With some other business brokers you need to do this yourself.

Motion Invest Success Rates

While Motion Invest does not publish their success rates, we know from talking to their team that their success rate is 98.2% at selling sites on their platform. If they are able to offer the sell guarantee, then it stands to reason that they have a high success rate. With that guarantee, you are automatically bumping up your odds of selling your company. They also say that the average time to sell a site is 6.6 days which is very fast.

One of the ways that Motion Invest can guarantee that kind of success is by being a buyer. Since they go through and evaluate your business, they have a good idea of what they’re getting into. This means that they can make a decision on whether or not to take your company on.

Since they look for a specific income bracket for a company that they sell, they already know what to look for. This means that if you go through the valuation and Motion Invest decides to list your company, it will sell. This assurance is simply not available at other online business brokers.

Motion Invest also tries to make the transition between owners as easy as possible. this can be one of the most difficult aspects of selling your online business. Handing your company off to a new owner is never an easy task unless you have a mediator.

The mediation and transition help makes Motion Invest a good choice for a first-time seller. This aspect of the business sale is incredibly complex. Having the brokers at Motion Invest on your side is worth its weight in gold.

Bye having a third party help with the transfer of ownership, you can avoid a lot of headaches. New ownership always comes with some adjustment. Motion Invest will help make that adjustment period little more comfortable for everybody involved along the way.

Fees Charged By Motion Invest To Sell A Business

One of the reasons you might be hesitant to hire a broker to sell your business is the fee. Of course, hiring someone to do a job will always cost more money than doing it yourself. However, there are many benefits to doing it.

Motion Invest does not charge you anything to list your business. They only charge a fee if your company sells. This is one of the other reasons that Motion Invest can give you confidence through their guarantees. Knowing that you won’t be charged anything upfront is a major plus.

If your business sells for less than $8,000, the fee is 15%. If your business sells for over $8,000, the fee is 20%. There is no fee to list your company in the beginning. This means that there is no risk to trying to sell your business.

Should you choose the direct sale option, there is no fee at all. What this means is that Motion Invest will buy your company themselves. If your business meets their qualifications, they will take it on as their own at no cost to you.

Not all businesses are going to meet the criteria necessary for the direct sale option. Keep this in mind as you are going through the process since you may have to sell through the marketplace. If you have to do that, there are still many opportunities and many buyers.

Pros And Cons Of Using Motion Invest


  • Direct Sale Option – The direct sale option is incredibly valuable. It is something unique and different that most other business brokers don’t offer. It is a testament to Motion Invest’s dedication to the craft of business brokerage.
  • Sell Guarantee – The sell guarantee is another valuable feature. Knowing that your company will sell when you list it is something that you can’t guarantee on your own. By having the Motion Investment brokers on your side, you know that it is in their best interest you get your company sold.
  • No Fees to List – The fact that it does not cost anything to list your company with Motion Invest is another great feature. This no-risk cost of entry is another unique feature of this broker. If for any reason your company doesn’t end up selling, it doesn’t cost you anything.
  • Fast Transactions – The high speed of transactions with Motion Invest is another fantastic feature. for the most part, after your company sells, you will have the full amount in 72 hours. This is due to Motion Invest’s escrow system.
  • High Multiple: According to the Motion Invest staff, their average multiple to sell an online business is 31x.


  • New Company – Motion Invest is a relatively new company. Their individual brokers have many years of experience, but the company itself has not been around long. If this is something that makes you a little uneasy, they may not be your best choice.
  • High Success Fees – Even though they don’t charge you anything to list your company, their success fees are somewhat high at 15% to 20%. Other brokerages usually charge between 6% and 10% for success fees.
  • Specific Requirements – Motion Invest Has very specific criteria for taking on a business. If your company is larger than what they’re looking for, you should find a different broker. Many business brokers are equipped for larger transactions and will be able to support it.

Conclusion And Verdict

Selling your business can be an incredibly stressful time. There are so many questions and so many things up in the air that it can be overwhelming. Having a professional broker on your side is your best defense in this situation.

A professional broker such as Motion Invest will help you find the right buyers from the right pools. Since their buyers are targeted and their marketplace is so specific, if your company is a fit, it will sell. This is the kind of solid guarantee that makes a business transaction profitable and easy.

For the most part, Motion Invest is a fantastic choice for most small online businesses. Their risk-free business model and embracing of very small websites makes them a great option. Most online entrepreneurs aren’t making billions by the time they’re ready to sell.

The fact that they sell all kinds of small businesses is also a fantastic feature. As long as they fit within their income bracket, almost all websites are welcome.

In this Motion Invest review, we have covered every aspect of their business. By understanding what they do and how they do it, you are getting a head start on your company’s sale. This is imperative if you want to get the best possible value and asking price.

By reading this review, you are already ahead of the game. The only thing left to do is get your instant valuation and see if your company is ready to sell. After that, the Motion Invest process is fast, easy and designed to get you more money.

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