Trustiu Review

Trustiu Review

In this guide, we’re going to cover the Trustiu digital marketplace in detail.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to build up a portfolio of websites or you’re only beginning your journey in buying digital assets, an online broker will be needed to make the sales process as safe and smooth as possible.

In this Trustiu review, we look into the features of this online broker from the buyer and seller’s perspective. We also cover what types of businesses they sell, their fees, and evaluation process. We dig deep into this broker.

Let’s look at Trustiu in more detail.

UPDATED: June 2024

Our Overall Rating

Overview of Trustiu

Trustiu is a new brokerage in town with just a couple of years of experience. Don’t let this deter you however as they’ve already sold $2,449,366 worth of assets along with having excellent online reviews.

Founded by Nelson Ferreira they are a Spanish based brokerage that specialize in the sale of digital goods such as websites and YouTube channels. There are a number of different businesses to choose from whether it’s an affiliate or SaaS site they have it on their marketplace.

When the time comes around for you to sell your asset you’ve more than likely worked hard enough to get it to that point. That’s when you relax and let Trustiu handle the final sales process.

For Sellers

Trustiu have made selling through their marketplace risk free as they won’t charge you a listing fee like some other brokerages do (e.g., Flippa).

Sellers can list a YouTube channel, blog or website through the marketplace. You can list you’re digital asset even if it’s not currently monetized.

For Buyers

As a buyer on Trustiu you can be sure that the asset you’re getting is legit and of high quality due to Trustiu’s extensive vetting process.Trustiu does this by verifying analytics, income statements, domain history and much more.

As Trustiu acts as the mediator you can also be sure you’re going to get the asset after you’ve paid for it. This eliminates any risk of scam you’d be open to if you were to make a deal by yourself without the help of a brokerage.

Types of Businesses Trustiu Sells

Trustiu Business Sells

Trustiu is a digital marketplace for buying websites, blogs and YouTube channels. This means you’ll find a number of different businesses for sale on the website all with different monetization methods such as :

  • Ads
  • AdSense
  • Affiliate
  • Ecommerce
  • SaaS
  • Subscription

If you’re looking to buy a website you can use Trustiu to filter to your preferred monetization method. With an array of websites available you’ll be sure to find a business that suits your preferences.

Taking a quick look through the marketplace you’ll see that E-commerce websites are one of the most popular methods of monetization. There’s an abundance of different niches that you can easily choose from like : watches, flowers, anime, footwear, bicycle equipment and bedroom accessories. The list is endless.

The next most common website being sold are Google AdSense websites.

The website selection doesn’t stop at content and E-commerce sites, Trustiu also hosts a number of monetized and non-monetized YouTube sites available to buy. This is perfect if you have a YouTube channel that’s not yet making money as Trustiu can still find you a buyer.

Trustiu Evaluation Process

When it comes to selling any business you need to go through something called an evaluation process.

This is when the brokerage takes all necessary information from your website such as traffic, monthly income, expenses to put together an estimated value on your asset.

For the evaluation process you’ll need to give Trustiu a number of different pieces on information for them to accurately price your website, they include :

  • URL
  • When the business was started
  • Business description
  • How you monetize the business
  • What your reason for selling is
  • Google analytics
  • Revenue in the last 30 days/12 months

After this free evaluation, Trustiu will come back to you with an estimated figure your asset can sell for.

As their evaluation tool is based on an algorithm, it takes the information you gave and is able to give you an evaluation price immediately. If you like the price and want to go ahead with selling your business then Trustiu will then do a closer manual inspection of your website and give you the true value.

Trustiu’s goal is to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible, they understand that when it comes to selling a website things be overwhelming.

Trustiu Sales Process

Great! You’ve got your website’s evaluation and you’re happy with the price, what now?

Next up is the sales process. This is when your asset is listed on the Trustiu marketplace and put in the eyes of a number of potential buyers.

According to Trustiu, they will do anything possible in order to sell your website, which is extremely reassuring for any seller.

Not only is your website put on the marketplace, but they go through their contact list and try to find someone suitable to purchase the site.

After Trustiu finds abuyer, the migration process will start. This is the changing of ownership over to the new owner. This can be a bit of a headache if you’re doing it yourself, but Trustiu does this part for you.

They will act as a mediator to hold your website until payment is sent to you, to which they then complete the sale. This eliminates the risk of any scams or no payment.

Trustiu Commission Fees & Pricing

Due to the amount of work brokers put in to find a willing buyer for your website in exchange they take a small fee.

Many brokerages will charge you just to list your website on the marketplace, but not Trustiu. You will only be charged if they are successful and find you a buyer. This means you take on absolutely no risk when using Trustiu to sell a website.

If they are successful and find someone to buy your asset then they take a 8-10% fee. It works like this :

  • 10% fee for properties up to 1 million euros
  • 9% fee for properties between 1 and 2 million euros
  • 8% fee for properties of more than 2 million euros

There is a minimum fee charge of 150€.

Trustiu Success Rate & Credibility

Trustiu Trustpilot

Having a successful sale is not only down to the broker but the seller also plays a big role that some people overlook. The more accurate and detailed information you give Trustiu about your asset, the higher the likelihood they will find a suitable buyer increases.

While Trustiu hasn’t published a figure surrounding their success rate they do display the overall value of properties they’ve sold which currently stands at over $2 million.

Also, if a website has sold Trustiu will place a red sold button beside it.

When it comes to credibility Trustiu’s reviews speak volumes for the company. They have 86 reviews on Trustpilot with an average of 4.9/5. This goes to show that people who have previously worked with Trustiu have found the brokerage to be of excellent standards.

3 Major Benefits of Trustiu

No Listing Fee

When it comes to other brokerages paying a fee to simply list your website is quite common. Trustiu won’t take a fee unless your business actually sells which is a big benefit to using them. You as a seller basically have a cost-free opportunity at selling your website.

Instant Valuation

With the help of their algorithm as a seller you’ll be able to find out the estimated valuation of your business within minutes. This is a great feature as it means you don’t have to wait days on hearing back from the broker to find out how much your asset is worth.

A Continued Relationship

The final benefit of using Trustiu is that after you’ve completed a sale they strive to create a relationship with you. They don’t just take their fee and run, Trustiu vow to be at your side even after the deal is done. This creates a closer broker-to-seller bond that other brokerages don’t have.

3 Major Drawbacks of Trustiu

They Are Relatively New

A lot of brokers have a lot of years and website sales under their belt, however, as Trustiu is relatively new they haven’t gained a lot of authority. This might make some people slightly skeptical to use them however on Trustpilot they have 86 reviews, 1% rated the service great and 99% rated them excellent.

You Are Tied To A Contract

Let’s say you do go ahead and agree to place your website on the Trustiu marketplace. Part of their contract is 6 months exclusivity with them. What this means is you won’t be allowed to advertise your website using any other marketplaces for 6 months while they try to sell it.

As a seller, this limits your potential buyers for the website.

A Lack of Options

As Trustiu is a new brokerage they don’t have as many businesses on sale compared to other brokers. At the time of writing, there are 34 properties available to buy, which isn’t that many if you’re quite picky about what kind of website you want.

FAQs About Trustiu

Is It Safe To Sell My Website On Trustiu?

Trustiu is deemed to be a safe brokerage to sell your website on. According to their website, they have sold a number of assets to the value of $2,449,366. Trustiu acts as a mediator similar to Escrow, which means your website won’t be handed over to the buyer until you’ve received the funds.

Does Trustiu Charge A Fee To List My Website?

No Trustiu don’t charge you anything to list your website on their marketplace, this means you have a risk-free chance at selling it.

However, they do charge between an 8-10% fee if they are successful at finding a buyer. This is due to them working endlessly to find a suitable buyer, handling the website migration, and providing support even after your asset has sold.

What Can I Sell On Trustiu?

Trustiu is a digital marketplace that currently sells assets such as websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. They include affiliate sites, content sites, subscription sites, and predominantly E-commerce sites.

Simply enter your assets information into Trustiu’s valuation tool and you can get an immediate valuation telling you how much your website is worth.


Our overall review of Trustiu is that they are a quality broker if you want to buy or sell digital assets. With a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot you can be sure that the experience you have with Trustiu will be nothing but positive.

Whether it’s an affiliate website or a YouTube channel you can be sure that Trustiu will take care of everything to make the sale completely smooth in order for you to focus on other things.
At the time of writing Trustiu has only 34 properties on sale which isn’t a lot however as they grow in popularity that number will too.

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