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13 Best Business Brokers In Minnesota

Finding the best business brokers in Minnesota doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are looking to buy or sell a business in Minnesota, this list of 13 best business brokers in Minnesota will get you started.

Calhoun Companies (#1 Best Business Brokers In Minnesota)

best business brokers in Minnesota calhoun

As one of the top business brokers in Minnesota, Calhoun Companies has made its mark in the business brokerage industry. With a full century of business buying and selling experience, Calhoun Companies is the obvious choice for anyone in need of a business broker.

They are one of the Minnesota Business Brokers that will work with Mainstreet businesses, mid-level businesses, and everything in between.

Calhoun Companies offer a range of services to help owners grow or exit their businesses. Valuation services and buy-side services are complemented with commercial real estate deals as well as sell-side services.

The rich history of Calhoun Companies began with one of the first female real estate professionals in 1908. The company has never stopped growing and helping business owners realize their dreams.

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Sunbelt Business Advisors – Midwest (#2 Best Business Brokers In Minnesota)

sunbelt midwest

Sunbelt Business Advisors is a well-known name in the world of business brokers and advisors. Mainly due to the nature of being a franchised company and having branches all over the world.

The Sunbelt Minnesota business brokers take the Sunbelt ethics and promise to the business owners in Minnesota. One of the advantages of buying or selling a business with a franchised broker is that they can count on a standard of business.

The Sunbelt-Midwest Business Brokerage firm can help with buying as well as financing the sale. This is in addition to the sell-side services as well as mergers and acquisitions.

If an individual is simply after information, Sunbelt-Midwest has a blog with buying and selling information. It is a great resource for business owners and potential buyers.

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Transworld Business Advisors of Minnesota (#3 Best Minnesota Business Broker)

Transworld Minnesota Business Broker

Many business brokerage firms are franchised. Transworld Business Advisors of Minnesota is one of the brokerage firms.

The Minnesota office is owned and operated by Scott Hislop. He has put together a team of business advisors and support staff to serve the needs of their growing client list.

All of the team members share the same passion and dedication to business advisory services as the owner.

Potential buyers can look on the website to find businesses listed for sale. This is an effective way to see what is out there and if any of it interests the buyer.

Business owners can also look at the listings to get an idea of how the listing for their business would look and what businesses are selling for.

Transworld Business Advisors in Minnesota can sit down with any seller or buyer to talk about options. This is a no-obligation consultation to keep the pressure low in an already potentially stressful time.

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LubeCenter Sales, Inc. (#4 Best Business Brokers In Minnesota)

There are business brokers that niche down and only deal with one type of business. LubeCenter Sales, Inc is one of those such business brokers in Minnesota.

LubeCenter Sales thrives as one of the Minnesota business brokers exclusively working with Auto Centers. They were founded 25 years ago with the idea of serving this particular section of the business industry.

With the education of business owners as the focal point of the business, LubeCenter Sales helps business owners understand exit and succession planning.

While some Minnesota business brokers only focus on sales, LubeCenter Sales wants to help buyers and sellers fully understand the business and the process.

Their website is easy to navigate and explains both the buying and selling process in understandable terms.

They also have listings for businesses for sale on the website. Looking through the listings can benefit both buyers and sellers.

Sellers can see what the listings look like and the information that is given while buyers can find a business to purchase.

Hospitality Services Corp.

Hospitality Services Corp runs its business in a different way than some of the other business brokers in Minnesota. Hospitality is not just a name. They live it.

Not only are they hospitable to their clients, but they are also hospitable to other brokerage firms as well.

One of their unique programs is called broker reciprocity. This is a program that allows other brokers to list businesses not represented by Hospitality Services Corp on the HSC website.

While there are general businesses for sale websites, it isn’t often that a brokerage firm will allow other brokers to list. There is a form to fill out before the listing can take place.

Brokers can fill out this form and an HSC broker will contact the listing broker to get more information.

Hospitality Services Corp has an information business blog that is a wealth of information for buyers, sellers, brokers, and other business professionals.

BLS Consulting

BLS Consulting is a small but effective brokerage firm in Minnesota. It is owned and operated by James Benincasa.

He started his career as a real estate broker in Minnesota and after many years of success decided to move into business brokering.

BLS Consulting is more than a business brokerage firm. Their versatility makes them one of the best business brokers in Minnesota.

In addition to buy-side and sell-side business transactions, BLS Consulting also deals with commercial real estate transactions. BLS Consulting is truly in the business of consulting.

They aren’t only concerned with sales, they want to help the business buyers and sellers do what is best for their businesses.

Consulting can look like a growth plan or an exit plan as well as giving buyers the best way forward with purchasing a business. BSC Consulting can also help business owners find the best commercial property for their business.

Murphy Business of Southeast MN

Murphy Business of Southeast MN is about one of the business brokers in Minnesota that is a franchise. It is owned and operated by a successful businessman named Jacob Peterson.

Along with his team of passionate and talented brokers and business advisors, they have quickly become one of the best business brokers in Minnesota.

Murphy business brokers in Minnesota offer a variety of services to aid in the various aspects of business buying and selling.

In addition to buy-side and sell-side services, they also offer valuation, commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, as well as machinery appraisal.

This expands their reach and client base. The website does offer businesses for sale listings to give potential buyers an idea of the available options.

As with any Murphy Business Brokers website, there are resources and a digital library available for business professionals.

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Quazar Business Brokerage

Quazar business brokers in Minnesota are a team of intentional brokers striving to make the business transaction process as smooth as possible.

The firm focuses on six main areas when brokering a deal. This makes things more streamlined and less likely to fall through due to a lack of diligence.

By striving for perfection in areas like industry research, confidentiality, positioning, and negotiations the brokers at Quazar business brokers in Minnesota maintain a high success rate.

Quazar offers five different services to broaden their client base. In addition to buying and selling, they can help with recapitalization, consultations for business, and financing.

They do not work with businesses worth less than $1,000,000. The businesses they do work with encompasses the lower mid to mid-market businesses.

They have a method that is proprietary to them that helps attract qualified buyers for their listed businesses.

Practice Brokers, Inc.

Business brokers in Minnesota that niche down to one industry are not common but they do exist. Practice Brokers, Inc is one of those brokers.

With a specialty in helping chiropractors and the practices that they run, Practice brokers is a well known and sought after firm among chiropractors.

They can simultaneously help a chiropractor exit their practice while helping another chiropractor buy the same business. Practice brokers have the experience necessary to make sure both parties benefit from the sale.

The brokers who work at this firm do more for practice owners than simply helping them sell their business. The work for Practice Brokers begins with services such as retirement and exit planning.

Another service they offer is business valuation. When a practice owner wants to sell, they need to have an accurate idea of what their business is worth.

Practice Brokers is also able to help their pool of buyers obtain the financing that they need to purchase their new practice.

Faelon Partners Ltd

Faelon Partners Ltd is one of the business brokers in Minnesota located in St. Paul. With more than three decades of experience serving Minnesota businesses, Faelon Partners has the network and experience business owners need when selling.

There are three areas Faelon Partners Ltd offers services, comprehensively, in three different areas. These areas are seller representation, buyer search services, as well as business consulting.

With these three areas, all of the areas of brokerage are covered. Faelon does these well to the benefit of all parties involved.

Faelon Partners has a book on their website that is geared towards business owners who are beginning to think about exiting their business.

The selling process is laid out well on the website. It is easily understood but if there are any questions the brokers at Faelon Partners are happy to answer any questions. They will even consult with business owners and walk them through the process.

Synergy Business Brokerage

Synergy Business Brokerage firm is a relatively new firm. At least the website is new and still being worked on. There is content there and gives clients a good idea of what to expect.

Synergy business brokers in Minnesota were developed with one goal in mind. They want to work exclusively with small businesses.

Synergy was built with mom and pop shops in mind. The brokers are dedicated and passionate about the backbone of small towns and the entrepreneurial system.

Their goal is to never tell a business that they are too small for them to get brokerage services from Synergy Business Brokerage.

But the brokers aren’t brokers, the brokers are real estate agents that are licensed by Synergy. They are also trained by Synergy to work with their proprietary algorithm. This is used to help the real estate agents broker businesses.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Orion

Coldwell Banker Commercial was once Orion Commercial. Orion began in 1972 and did well as an independently owned and operated commercial real estate and brokerage firm.

But in 1992 Orion Commercial was bought and franchised as Coldwell Banker Commercial Orion. It didn’t change how they worked or their principles.

This is a commercial real estate firm that also handles business brokerage services. On most occasions commercial real estate is involved with brokering a business deal.

Not only do they help sell businesses but they help owners find new locations for their growing businesses. Since they are affiliated with Coldwell Banker, it is a requirement that they adhere to the same standards as Coldwell Banker.

This means that business owners and buyers can count on Coldwell Banker Commercial Orion to be as professional, courteous, and knowledgeable as their parent company.

Peak Business Development

It doesn’t seem like Peak Business Development is a traditional business broker. Based on their website, they find leads on businesses ready to exit and match them up with brokers. It isn’t clear if they are in-house brokers or third party brokers.

Instead of brokers, Peak has business development consultants. They look at each business and prepare them to be listed.

Each business and listing is graded. Only the highest graded businesses will be passed on to brokers.

Peak Business Development also prides itself on having lowest costs per executed deal. They can operate on a lowered budget because of their streamlined and efficient marketing strategies.

Relationships are important to Peak Business Development. They know that a good and personal relationship is the key to selling a business with confidence.

Peak has a protocol in place to allow them to have a constant flow of business leads for buyers.

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