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The 14 Best Business Brokers In New Jersey Updated For 2024

Finding a business broker that is right for your business needs in the competitive area of New Jersey can be harder than it seems. There are dozens of business brokers in New Jersey but the key is finding the perfect one for you.

This list of the 14 best business brokers in New Jersey will help get you started.

Sun Mergers & Acquisitions

Sun Mergers & Acquisitions

Sun Mergers & Acquisitions LLC is a group of business brokers in New Jersey that focus on the sell-side of the transaction. They help owners that are ready to sell find the perfect buyer for their business.

The brokers at Sun Mergers also offer services to prepare the business for sale. A well crafted and executed exit strategy is going to help the business sell faster when the time comes. Part of the exit strategy services is making sure the value of the business is as high as it can be.

They strive for professionalism as well as confidentiality. This is imperative to the sale of the business and the successful transitions to the new owners.

Valuation services are also offered to New Jersey businesses as well. Having an accurate idea of what your business is worth can help make the decision to sell.

The compensation schedule is structured based on each transaction. There is a fee for the performance of the broker as well as the commission from the sale.

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Sunbelt Business Brokers In New Jersey

Sunbelt Business Brokers In New Jersey

As one of the franchised business brokers in New Jersey Sunbelt Business Brokers is a brokerage group that has the experience to guide businesses to a successful transaction.

They are a full service style broker that offers both buy and sell side services. Part of the services for New Jersey Businesses is a full valuation service. If you have questions about their valuation process, there is full information on the website.

The businesses that Sunbelt Business Brokers in New Jersey works with vary greatly. Businesses that are classified as Main Street markets or the “Mom and Pop” shops as well as the middle market businesses are served by Sunbelt Business Brokers in Jersey.

The processes for each type of market does vary. The website gives contact information for each market type to help owners contact the person needed. Businesses have the potential to sell quickly with Sunbelt due to the network of buyers and brokers that they have.

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Transworld Business Brokers In New Jersey

transworld business brokers in New Jersey

The Essex County New Jersey business brokers at Transworld Business Advisors are experienced in the buying and selling of businesses in New Jersey. With an extensive network and valuable market knowledge they can help owners achieve their business aim.

All of the active listings can be searched by anyone. However, it is important to understand that if a buyer is not pre-qualified they will not be able to see all of the information. There is also a non-disclosure agreement required to see names and financials.

Transworld Business Advisors is considered one of the best business brokers in New Jersey. One reason for this is due to their commitment to privacy and due diligence. They have a high closing rate.

The best way to get started as a buyer or seller with Transworld Business Advisors in New Jersey is to fill the registration forms on the website. This will ensure you are connected with the right people to help with your needs.

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NJ Broker Plus LLC

NJ Broker Plus LLC business brokers in New Jersey

NJ Broker Plus LLC has the weight of experience behind it. Founded more than 30 years ago to specifically serve the New Jersey and New York business segment, NJ Broker Plus LLC is one of the best business brokers in New Jersey.

With the market knowledge that is needed to successfully list businesses and find buyers in New Jersey, the brokers at NJ Broker Plus are an asset to owners and buyers alike.

There is a free business valuation option for those that may just be curious about the value of their business. This can be the deciding factor in making the decision to sell or prepare an exit strategy for future selling.

Another service this brokerage firm offers to New Jersey and New York buyers is commercial financing. For qualified buyers, there is in house financing available for business purchases as well as franchise opportunities.

This includes commercial real estate as well. For businesses that want to purchase a permanent or new location for their business, NJ Broker Plus business brokers in New Jersey can also assist with this.

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A Neumann & Associates, LLC – M&A Advisors

A Neumann & Associates

A Neumann & Associates, LLC is a mergers and acquisitions New Jersey business broker. They have many services to help business owners grow their business or sell their business.

One of the more unique services they offer to owners is a marketability assessment for businesses. This is a brief online assessment that will tell the owner what the marketability of their company or business is.

This is a valuable tool that can help owners see where there is growth potential. This is only one small part of the services that A Neumann & Associates offers. There is in house financing for buyers as well as valuation services for owners.

Along with the buying and selling side of brokerage, they also offer business consulting. They can walk the owners through what needs to happen with their business to reach their goals or prepare to sell.

Requesting information about the specific service you need is the best way to get started with A Neumann & Associates New Jersey business broker.

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Murphy Business Brokers In New Jersey

Murphy Business Brokers In New Jersey

Murphy Business & Financial Corporation of New Jersey is a New Jersey business broker that has deep market knowledge that is valuable to the business owners and buyers.

Murphy is a national franchise but the New Jersey office is owned by Cheryl Venezia and runs by a team that she put together. Her team of dedicated New Jersey business brokers make each client feel like they are the only client they have.

As a business broker in New Jersey, they understand that the market is competitive and that business owners and buyers have options when choosing brokers.

What sets this office apart is their commitment to the needs of each client. Treating them as an individual and understanding their goals is the key to Murphy Business & Financial Corporation of New Jersey’s success.

Potential buyers can look on their listing website to get an idea of what businesses are available in their target industry. Contact the firm with any questions or if a business interests you.

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Midway Business Brokerage

Midway Business Brokerage

Midway Business Brokerage is a small firm in New Jersey with the goal of meeting each side of the transaction halfway to ensure a successful and amicable transaction.

There are two brokers in this office and they are the founders. These partners work together to make sure each communication and transaction is met with the utmost care and importance.

Both partners are members of the IBBA and one of the founders is working towards a business intermediary certification. There are three main services that are offered through Midway business brokers in New Jersey.

One of the services is buying while the other is selling. These are full service for each side of the transaction. The third service is funding for businesses.

While they don’t offer in house financing they can assist owners in finding partners and investors for the business. This service is valuable and can add equity as well as assets.

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NorthBridge Business Advisors

NorthBridge Business Advisors

NorthBridge Business Advisors is a business broker in New Jersey that knows how to make successful transactions happen. With the competitive brokerage industry in New Jersey, they know offering a variety of services will set them apart.

The founder of this advisory firm has more than 35 years of experience in the business and finance industry. This knowledge lends itself to financing, exit strategies, and the buyer side of the transactions.

This firm works with both the buyer and the seller to make sure things are going in a positive direction. They also offer real estate services for businesses as well. The experience the founder has had in the US and abroad brings a rich experience to his clients.

There are also optimization services for businesses as well. Optimization services are meant to make sure businesses are operating as well as they can. This is imperative when planning to sell later.

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Regal Consulting Corp.

Regal Consulting Corp.

Regal Consulting Corp is a brokerage firm that works with business owners and buyers not only in New Jersey but all over the country. They consider himself a mergers and acquisitions firm.

They do specialize in certain business sizes. These sizes include small to mid-sized businesses. This consulting company also offers two services other than buying and selling of businesses.

There are valuation services that Regal Consulting offers. This is a standard service that is offered by business brokers in New Jersey.

They do not offer a free valuation. This can be a service used by owners ready to sell or business owners that want to know the value of their business.

The other service is commercial real estate sales and management. This service is helpful for business owners who want to keep their business but want to move. However, this service is available to anyone needing a commercial property or management.

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Route Brokers, Inc. (Business Brokers In New Jersey)

Route Brokers, Inc.

Choosing to expand your business portfolio or start your own business with a distribution route can be your key to financial freedom. But finding routes that are for sale can be difficult if you don’t use a broker.

Route Brokers, Inc is a business broker in New Jersey that specializes in distribution route sales. To ensure the timely sale of all of the routes they make sure that they only work with pre-qualified buyers.

All of the buyers have to fill out an application to be pre-qualified. Once that process is done they are in the database of buyers and can see routes for sale as well as the financial information for each one.

Route Brokers also helps keep closing fees from being cumbersome by including them in the brokerage fees. Since the fees involved with closing a transaction can be expensive, including them in the fee is the most cost effective way forward.

There are franchise sales on their website but only for two specific franchises.

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Harvest Business Advisors

Harvest Business Advisors

Harvest Business Advisors is one of the many business brokers in New Jersey. They don’t only serve New Jersey though. There are two offices, one in New Jersey and one in Maryland.

This allows them to serve a larger area of businesses. They serve these businesses and buyers in three main ways. The first is as business brokers.

Orchestrating the buying and selling of businesses between owners and buyers is the main service of Harvest Business Advisors. But they also offer business valuations as well as succession planning.

Some owners don’t want to sell but they want to be able to pass the business on to a successor. Harvest Business Advisors can help make that happen smoothly.

Planning for succession ahead of time can keep the business running smoothly even if the succession happens before the planned time. Contact a business advisor with Harvest Business Advisors to start your succession planning.

In addition to this firm offering business valuations they also have a downloadable guide to help business owners prepare for the valuation process.

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Benjamin Ross Group, LLC

Benjamin Ross Group, LLC

Benjamin Ross Group, LLC is a group of brokers that work in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They are so committed to making sure the businesses represent sell well that they have a 95% selling rate.

This is well above the national average of 20%. The difference is with their selection process. They know which businesses are likely to sell and which businesses are not ready to sell.

If a business is not ready then they will not list it on their site or use their services to promote the business.

The success is also due to the buyer side screening they use. This is a multiple level approach that makes sure the buyers are qualified to purchase a business.

Benjamin Ross Group is a buy side and sell side brokerage firm. They make sure the sellers get the money for their business that it is worth while also getting the best price for the buyer.

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Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc.

Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc.

Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc is another niche broker. They only work within one type of industry market.

The manufacturing industry is a highly competitive market that Accelerated Manufacturing specializes in.

Founded in 1994, Accelerated Manufacturing was originally equipment auctioneers. However, as the business grew they began helping troubled manufactures exit the business for the best possible outcome.

Now they only deal in manufacturing industry sales. Mergers and acquisitions are the only focus of this brokerage firm now.

There is a listings page on their website for businesses that are currently for sale. They also have a wanted page. If you are thinking of selling but aren’t sure if there is a market for your business you can check here to see if anyone is looking for what you have.

Owners can also contact the office directly to discuss the options available. Buyers are also encouraged to contact the brokerage firm.

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IMG Business Advisors

IMG Business Advisors

IMG Business Advisors is based in New Jersey with clients in several East Coast states. They help companies and businesses of all sizes. Whether a business owner is ready to sell their small business and move on or a large company is ready to grow, IMG Business Advisors are the broker for them.

Experience across industries and business sizes gives IMG Business Advisors an advantage over the competition in the area.

The focus on confidentiality and a personal touch gives clients the confidence that IMG Business Advisors will handle their business needs well.

Another service that sets them apart is franchise consulting. This can mean a business wants to go to the franchise model or they can help buyers find the franchise for them.

To make these transactions and advisory situations happen IMG Business Advisors has a wealth of resources at their disposal from legal to lending.

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