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Best Business Brokers in Arizona (The Top 16)

Selling a business in Arizona can be difficult with such a saturated market. That is why it is important to use the best business brokers in Arizona for your business exit strategy or the acquisition of a new asset.

We have put together a list of the best business brokers in Arizona to get you started on the right foot.

Phil Reese, Arizona Business Broker

business brokers in Arizona

Phil Reese appears to be a one-man show when it comes to running his Arizona Business Brokers firm. It is likely that he does have at least administrative help since he does have two offices.

He sells businesses all over Arizona but has two main offices. One is located in Phoenix and one is located in Scottsdale.

Phil Reese is what is known as a Certified Business Intermediary. This is something that took a lot of time, effort, and monetary investment to attain.

There are not many business brokers that get this certification that is done through the International Business Brokers Association. In fact, there are only five other brokers that have a CBI certification in Arizona.

Phil Reese does have experience in his background that has helped him become a top business broker in Arizona. This includes selling a business.

Many Arizona Business Brokers have an active real estate license or have been a real estate agent in the past. Phil Reese maintains an active license.

He also has a bachelor’s in business administration. He will help you buy or sell any size business and will even consult with you on business sales issues or questions.

Strategic Business Brokers Group

Strategic Business Brokers Group

As far as Arizona business brokers go, Strategic Business Brokers Group is one of the better ones. This is, we believe, due to the fact that they have a team of brokers that each specialize in different businesses.

They are truly strategic in how they run the firm, not just in their name. This group started from American Realty Brokers and is still closely affiliated.

This group does have a small team of brokers but they have dominated the market.

With a broker that is said to be the go-to broker for salon and spa sales, as well as an automotive broker, and a restaurant/bar broker they have cornered much of the Arizona market.

They deal with many different businesses. This also includes franchise sales. While there are some large brokers that won’t work with Main Street business owners, Strategic Business Brokers Group is not one of them.

Main Street businesses are the backbone of the economy and these Arizona Business Brokers believe it. That is why they work so hard for the owners and businesses.

Selling Restaurants Phoenix (Business Brokers In Arizona)

Selling Restaurants Phoenix

This is a very specialized Arizona business broker. They only deal with one niche of business but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t busy.

Selling restaurants and bars in the Phoenix area is a booming business. But selling is not all they do.

If you just need to rent or lease a space for your restaurant or bar this broker can help you with that as well.

This company can also help you get the financing you need to make the sale happen. This is a service that some brokers don’t do so this is a bonus.

From looking at the website, this is a large firm. They even have an in-house CPA that works with financials. As well as different departments such as marketing to help propel the sale along.

They did not mention the founders or any of the team members on the website.

Business Brokers of Arizona


Business Brokers of Arizona, otherwise known as BBAZ for sake of ease, has an 11-year history of serving Phoenix.

Even though they are relatively new as a company, their owner and brokers have decades more experience.

They pride themselves on being available for those that are just trying to buy or sell a business for the first time. As well as working with those that have been around the block a few times.

When you work at this top Phoenix broker, you can expect to be treated like the only client. Your transaction will be smoothly executed by BBAZ.

BBAZ is one of the best business brokers in Arizona and they have the awards and accolades to prove it.

Among other awards, they were voted top business brokers by ranking Arizona from 2015-2019. The founder has also been inducted into the Business Leaders Scottsdale Hall of Fame.

Trust Business Brokers Phoenix

Trust Business Brokers Phoenix

Another one of the Arizona Business Brokers that are located in Scottsdale Arizona, Trust Business Brokers is actually a part of the West USA Realty Group.

As an affiliate of the parent company, they were the best brokers in Arizona in terms of sales. They had the highest number of sales three years in a row.

With the competition that is present in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, that is something to be proud of.

This affiliate company has only two brokers. One is considered the founder because he is the one that opened this franchise type branch. The other broker is a high performing broker that has helped propel the business forward.

They have a clear and transparent sales process that they go over on the website.

Allen & Young Business Brokers In Arizona

Allen & Young

This is one of the Arizona business brokers that doesn’t really focus on a certain industry. They don’t niche down when it comes to selling.

Allen and Young would rather focus on the Main Street businesses that owners put their lives into to build. They want to help these people get the money they should out of their business.

They do this because they have been those owners. Former entrepreneurs themselves, they know that it is like selling a business. They also know what it is like to buy a business.

This experience brings a special perspective to the business.

Allen and Young was founded in 1999 by Carrie Allen. She had been in business for herself in various industries since the late 1970s and decided to make the switch to help other owners.

After 17 years of owning and operating the firm, Carrie Allen sold the business to the current owner and principal broker, John Orberg.

Delta Business Advisors, Business Sales and M&A Advisors

delta business brokers in Arizona

Delta Business Advisors is one of the bigger business brokers in Arizona. They handle a variety of sales and offer different services.

Whether you want to plan your exit strategy so you are ready, sell a main street business, or acquire a business to diversify your portfolio this broker can help you.

If you aren’t sure what your business is worth or even if you want to sell, Delta will offer you a free consultation. There is no obligation to use their services after the consultation.

The website did say that while they do usually only work in the state of Arizona, they do US and global connections.

This could help you make networking connections to help sell your business faster. It could also help you find the right business to buy.



Based in Tucson Arizona, this business brokerage firm was founded in 1982. They have been growing along with the city of Tucson ever since.

They do not sell only one type of business. Tucson Business Investments prides itself in working with large and small businesses all over Southern Arizona.

Similar to other business brokers in Arizona, this firm has only a small team that is responsible for the daily ins and outs of the business.

This small team is still led by the founder of Tucson Business Investments. They do show some listings on their website you can get a feel for what they are experienced in.

Terry Tretta, PLLC

Terry Tretta

Terry Tretta, PLLC is an Arizona Business Broker that seems to focus quite a bit on the dry cleaner business.

They sell many different businesses but they have personal experience with the dry cleaner industry and help owners get the most for their businesses.

There is another industry that they work with a lot and that is the laundromat business. Terry Tretta, PLLC sees a lot of laundromats come across his desk.

However, he doesn’t limit his business to just dry cleaners and laundromats. If you have a main street or mid-market business that you want to sell, Terry Tretta can help with that as well.

His expertise is just in the laundromat and dry cleaning industry.

Lee Skarin & Associates of Arizona, LLC

Lee Skarin

One of many business brokers in Arizona, Lee Skarin & Associates of Arizona works in affiliation with West USA Realty and Lee Skarin & Associates focuses mainly on dental practice sales.

They have sold over 2,000 dental practices in the state of Arizona since its foundations. However, that is not all they do.

With their years of experience, they are fully equipped to handle any type of business sale.

If you have a dental practice that you are ready to exit, they are very knowledgeable and will help you get the most you can.

Founded by David Skarin, grandson of Lee Skarin, based on his grandfather’s experience in the dental equipment and dental law field.

They both knew and understood that starting a dental practice from scratch was not a great option for most anymore.

Lee Skarin & Associates of Arizona has grown by leaps and bounds. So much so that they sell many types of businesses.

Kalil & Co., Inc

arizona business brokers Kalil

Another of the many business brokers in Arizona that has specialized in a certain sales niche. This is smart for most businesses.

Kalil & Co, Inc is a brokerage firm that specializes in media business sales. This mostly includes radio, television, towers, and outdoor sales.

They do not sell businesses from any other niche.

Kalil & Co, Inc is a large firm but it really is a family business. With much of the family working for the company in one capacity or the other.

The founder Frank Kalil, is still the president and principal broker. He has built the company from the ground up and has worked with major media clients.

His son Fred Kalil is the company vice president as well as a broker.

These Arizona business brokers have some national rankings that set them above the rest in their niche.

They have been number one in outdoor sales as well as number one in broadcast sales.

Ray Haiber, Scottsdale & Phoenix AZ Business Broker

Ray Haiber AZ broker

Ray Haiber is another one of business brokers in Arizona that is an affiliate of West USA Realty.

While he is affiliated, he is the only broker in his office. He has been a business broker since 1998 but he only works with small businesses.

He also tries to stay in the metro Phoenix/Scottsdale area since that is where he lives and has an office.

If you aren’t sure if you want to sell or if you don’t know how much your business is worth, it may be time to talk to Ray Haiber.

He will give a free, confidential consultation with a basic valuation. You don’t have to use his services if you consult with him.

He also has first-hand business experience. He has owned and operated many businesses over the years. Selling them gave him a glimpse into his next career as a business broker.

Ray Haiber is passionate about helping small business owners get the most for their hard-earned businesses.

He also wants to help those that want to enter the business owner arena.

Berkshire Business Sales and Acquisitions

Berkshire Business Sales and Acquisitions

This firm seems to be a larger brokerage firm in Arizona. They deal with large sales and acquisitions.

While they do tend to specialize in accounting practices and CPA businesses, they also have a very diverse portfolio.

Their website is very comprehensive and even has videos explaining what they do.

Berkshire Business Sales and Acquisitions offers services other than business sales. They also offer exit planning, custom sales, consulting, and mergers and acquisitions.

They do tend to work with larger businesses but because they do have custom services, they can help main street businesses as well.

In 2016 they were in the president’s circle with West USA Realty as a multi-million-dollar producer.

The founder, Ryan Gipple, has been recognized for outstanding performance five years running by the Arizona Business Brokers Association.

Nystrom Business Sales


Nystrom Business Sales is a family operation. As close to a father/son business as you might be able to get these days.

The business is operated by Dave and Josh. This father and son team has made their mark on the business brokerage industry.

Their main focus is the Phoenix metro area. However, they have been known to go to different areas when needed.

Since they are a family business with only family working for them, they do take some different routes when it comes to advertising.

Nystrom Business Sales is currently the only broker that advertises on a local Phoenix radio station.

This does bring in a lot of business for them. They work with mostly small, main street businesses but are always looking for opportunities to grow.

Joe Davis & Associates, Inc

business broker in Phoenix

Joe Davis & Associates is a business broker in Phoenix that deals with corporate acquisitions as well as other types of business sales.

The founder, Joe Davis, has been a business broker in Phoenix since 1980. That is forty years of experience that he brings to the table.

He thoroughly enjoys his work which will only benefit the client. He works hard for all of his clients regardless of the size of their business.

Joe Davis & Associates guarantee confidentiality when it comes to the sale of your business. They won’t do anything to jeopardize your transaction.

Small Business America

Small Business America

Small Business America is one of many business brokers in Arizona. This brokerage firm is a one-man operation but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take on big deals.

David A. Miller is the broker behind Small Business America. He deals mostly with main street businesses but since he has been in the field for so long, he has a variety of experience.

With over 34 years of brokerage experience in business sales, he has more experience than many of the brokers you will see on this list.

He has seen Phoenix grow from a relatively small town to a booming metroplex. Small Business America is also part of an affiliate program with other businesses. This means that they work almost exclusively with each other.

They send business to each other and use their services.

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