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Best Business Brokers in Georgia (Top 16 In 2024)

If you live in Georgia and need one of the best business brokers in Georgia to help you, then keep reading.

Growing your business or deciding on an exit strategy is something that every business owner needs to think about.

Having a business broker in your corner to help with the logistics will make the process easier.

We have done the research and tracked down the best business brokers in Georgia for niche markets, small businesses, larger businesses, as well as other services.

Businesses need things like CPAs and financial services from time to time. Some of the brokers on our list can help with this as well.

TransWorld (Best Business Brokers In Georgia)

transworld business brokers

TransWorld business brokers in Georgia have been around for more than 40 years. Holding on and growing for all of those years is a testament to the firm.

They were founded in 1979. This firm was actually originally founded in Florida. The founder was an IBM executive and his wife.

It quickly gained momentum and became one of the largest firms in the United States. Because of the growth and popularity, the founder decided franchising was the right way to go.

Transworld is one of the best business brokers in Georgia. This is proven by their extensive awards over the years in numerous categories.

Because of their large network, they have the ability to offer many services. They can work with both small and large businesses.

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Sunbelt Business Brokers

sunbelt business brokers in Georgia

Another one of the franchised business brokers in Georgia, Sunbelt is a well-known brokerage firm.

They serve the national and international markets. Because they are a franchise, they have offices all over the globe.

The Atlanta branch opened in 1998. Since then they have offered unparalleled service to business owners and buyers

While they bring buyers to the sellers through their network, Sunbelt Business Brokers in Georgia are what is called a sell-side business.

That means that they focus on representing and helping the sellers, not representing buyers.

This brokerage firm takes pride in its customized approach. They truly believe that no two businesses are the same.

Because of this, each transaction must be handled in a different way.

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DeFoor Business Services

DeFoor Business Services

DeFoor Business Services is one of the best business brokers in Georgia because of all that they offer. While most firms only offer brokers, this one is different.

The founder and principal broker, Greg DeFoor, is also a Certified Public Account. Along with being a CPA, he is certified as a forensic accountant.

These are skills that will be used well in a business transaction. They can also help businesses get their finances in order and find out if something is wrong.

You don’t have to need a business broker to use their firm. If you simply need a CPA for your business, they can help as well.

They serve a number of industries and businesses whether they are big or small. They believe they are all important.

Atlanta Advisory LLC

When it comes to business brokers in Georgia that want to help business owners in different ways, Atlanta Advisory LLC is a great firm.

They don’t just want to sell your business. They want to help you sell your business at the right time for the right price.

This firm believes that with their State of Your Business Analysis, they will be able to evaluate whether or not it is the time to sell.

If it is not the right time, they will assist owners in making an effective exit strategy. This will set the business owner on the right path to sell for the optimum price.

While they don’t complete valuations in house, they can coordinate and help with a third-party valuation.

They can help make sure that nothing goes wrong and it is all done correctly and ethically.

Southeast Transitions

Southeast Transitions, now known as Dental Transitions, is one of the few Georgia business brokers that has a special niche.

This is a broker that works only with dental practices. They want to help practice owners exit their business for the right price.

They also want to help those that wish to become practice owners realize those dreams.

One of the other services that this brokerage firm offers is valuing dental practice.

Sometimes the practice owners want to simply know what the practice is worth. This will help them decide whether or not it is time to sell.

This has become one of the best brokers in Georgia because of its niche. They have operated for 20 years.

They offer a free consultation for practice owners and keep a database of dentists that are looking for a practice to purchase.

We Sell Restaurants – Georgia

Another one of the business brokers in Georgia that has a niche market is We Sell Restaurants-Georgia.

This firm helps those that want to exit their restaurant business. While they were founded in Georgia and are still based there, their reach is long.

They are considered one of the best business brokers in Georgia for restaurant sales. As well as an industry leader on a national scale.

This firm was founded by a husband and wife. They have grown by leaps and bounds since their founding.

Not only do they have a brokerage firm, but they also have a radio show dedicated to the subject of selling restaurants.

It has a national following and has been syndicated.

If you want to sell your restaurant or would like to enter the restaurant business then this is the firm you want to use.

The Montana Group

While the name is slightly misleading, this is a firm of business brokers in Georgia. Even though they are based in Georgia they serve a larger area.

This firm is licensed to work with businesses and buyers all over the United States and Canada. With a reach like this, it is no surprise they have an extensive network.

Anytime a business broker has a large network it is good for owners ready to sell. The firm is able to contact potential buyers in their network.

This makes the sales process go faster than usual.

For The Montana Group to work with a business they must have an annual pre-tax revenue of more than $2 million.

This means that they only work with mid-market businesses and not main street markets.

Because of their discretion and speed of sales and process, they offer their clients a minimal operations disruption.

Walden Businesses, Inc

Walden Businesses, Inc is one of the best business brokers in Georgia. They specialize in mergers and acquisitions.

While many brokerage firms deal with mergers and acquisitions, few specialize in them. It is typically an add on.

Because they focus on mergers and acquisitions, they do represent both the sell-side and the buy-side. Often not at the same time.

However, if a buyer comes to them looking to acquire or merge a business Walden Businesses will represent them if it is a good fit.

This is a firm that also offers valuation services and consultation services.

Much of their buy-side business comes from referrals. A client’s attorney or accountant often sends them to Walden when they are ready to grow their portfolio or business.

Priority Business Acquisitions

One of the many business brokers in Georgia, there is something that sets this firm apart.

Besides their longevity with their 25 years in the industry, this business is very proudly Christ-centered.

They want to serve their clients with honesty, trust, integrity, and ethics. Keeping Christ in the middle of their everyday operations helps them make these goals a reality.

They are serious about this commitment and all of their brokers and staff are in line with this mission.

Priority Business Acquisitions works with businesses and privately held companies of all sizes. They believe that no owner should be turned away.

If they can not sell the business they will help the owner develop an exit strategy.

Integra Business Brokers

Integra Business Brokers in Georgia is what is considered a full-service broker. They do a little bit of everything.

They offer valuations to help the owners decide if it is time to sell. If the owner is ready to list their business the broker will help with that as well.

The marketing plan and listing are personalized to each business. Not only do they offer valuations for sellers but they offer financing for buyers.

Financing is a service that is not offered by every broker.

If an owner would rather sell themselves then Integra Business Brokers in Georgia can help with that as well. They have what is called a business for sale by owner program.

They also have offices all throughout the south for a larger service area.

PHP Business Brokers

One of the many business brokers in Georgia that have offices in different locations, PHP Business Brokers can help sellers and buyers through the United States.

The founder and principal broker is passionate about helping owners get the most for their businesses. He also wants to match buyers to the best businesses for them.

As one of the best brokers in Georgia, PHP Business Brokers offers many services to its clients. One of those is business valuations.

Empowering owners by giving them an accurate idea of what their business is worth is one of the missions of PHP Business Brokers in Georgia.

They also help with franchise sales and commercial real estate.

This is not a new brokerage firm either. While they are younger than some of the firms on our list, they were still founded in 1994. That was more than 20 years ago.

With a track record of growth and excellence, they would be a wise choice for a broker.

Starwood Business Brokers

Starwood Business Brokers in Georgia was founded in 2005. This was a product of a gap in service the founder saw.

She was a business owner herself and found herself struggling to sell her business. Because of this experience, she decided to start her own business brokerage firm in Atlanta.

After years in the business, she went through a rebranding process to become Starwood Business Brokers in Georgia.

Because of her education and business experience, the owner of this brokerage firm offers her clients a great perspective.

They offer services for sellers and buyers. They also offer valuations for any business that wants to know what their business is valued at.

If you are looking to buy a business in Georgia, the Starwood Business Brokers in Georgia have listings for available businesses.

However, if you want more detailed information, you have to be pre-qualified and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Atlanta Restaurants Broker

One of the best business brokers in Georgia for restaurant sales and services, Atlanta Restaurant Broker has a reputation for quality.

They are well versed in the restaurant business and can help restaurant owners prepare an exit strategy.

They can also match potential buyers to a restaurant that is perfect for them.

This Georgia business broker also offers valuations to help owners know where to start. They understand that the first step in any sale is to know what the business is worth.

If you want to know what types of restaurants are for sale in Georgia, Atlanta Restaurant Broker has listings on their site.

They also show some of the businesses that have been recently sold. This gives potential buyers and sellers an idea of what to expect.

Neighborhood Business Brokers

Neighborhood Business Brokers in Georgia is a broker that really focuses on the little guy. As their name suggests, they work most often with main street businesses.

Even though they mostly focus on the small business niche, they also do work with commercial real estate.

This helps small business owners that maybe don’t want to sell but need a new space. It is an important niche that they fill.

They also offer financial services for both buyers and sellers. This is something that benefits both parties.

One thing that this broker prides themselves on is not being contract focused. They would rather focus on the whole transaction.

That way both the buyer and seller benefit. If both parties get what they need from the transaction then the community as a whole benefits.

EATS Restaurant Brokers

Serving a niche market is important for some business brokers in Georgia. Because the market is so saturated with Georgia business brokers finding a smaller niche will propel the firm forward.

That is what EATS Restaurants Brokers has done. They have chosen to exclusively serve the bar, nightclub, and restaurant industries.

One of the smaller niches that they serve is the franchise resale market. They specialize in the resale process of a franchise when owners want to exit.

They also help owners find space for their business in the real estate market. Because they want the owners to succeed they put a lot of time and effort into helping them in many ways.

This broker is also committed to helping buyers find the right restaurant, bar, or nightclub for them.

The Hatteras Group – M&A Advisors

The Hatteras Group in a mergers and acquisitions group that serves a number of industries. They do not work with small businesses, however.

They focus on the mid-market levels of business. In order for The Hatteras Group to work with your business, it will need to have a revenue of between $5 million and $100 million.

Some of the industries that they have extensive experience with include manufacturing, professional, and industrial.

They have worked with HVAC companies, industrial distribution, as well as environmental services. This is not an exhaustive list but it gives you an idea of their experience.

They also provide a capital sourcing service for businesses.

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