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The 4 Best Amazon FBA Business Brokers In 2024

When Amazon launched Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) in 2006, they revolutionized selling products on Amazon and changed the entire landscape of e-commerce. With FBA, Amazon sellers could leverage Amazon to handle the logistics of fulfilling orders for consumers while they focused on scaling their businesses.

It’s no surprise then that Amazon FBA created powerful businesses generating millions of dollars for Amazon business owners.

The strength and cash flow of Amazon FBA businesses have created a strong market for selling FBA businesses as assets. Buyer demand is strong for successful Amazon FBA businesses, so the sale of an FBA business is oftentimes the most lucrative part of owning an FBA asset.

Finding an Amazon FBA business broker to advise on the deal process is key for Amazon business owners because it allows them to receive the highest sale price for their business and ensure the deal goes smoothly.

We’ve compiled our list of top Amazon FBA business brokers to help you find trustworthy business brokers that will help you make the most money possible from selling your Amazon FBA business.

Our Top Recommendations

Quiet Light Brokerage

BBR - QuietLight Homepage

In 2006, Mark Doust made a simple phone call advising a friend on selling their website. That phone call became the beginning of Quiet Light Brokerage.

Quiet Light is widely acknowledged as an expert in the field of selling and buying profitable online businesses. They have successfully sold over 600 online businesses and achieved a total transaction value of over $300,000,000. Quiet Light values continuous improvement in their deal processes and has found that hiring experienced entrepreneurs to run their deals has been successful.

What sets Quiet Light apart from other brokers is their commitment to providing data-driven and accurate valuations. Their team understands the importance of analyzing key factors such as revenue, income, team, inventory, and niche to determine a fair valuation for your FBA business.

Quiet Light offers a comprehensive three-step process for selling your FBA business. It begins with an initial valuation call, where their experts provide you with a broad value range based on multiples, team, run rate, and inventory. They can also provide an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) upon request, ensuring the confidentiality of your information throughout the selling process.

The second step involves a detailed client interview tailored to your specific business. Quiet Light understands that accurate numbers are crucial, and they delve into the basics and complex topics to gain a deep understanding of your FBA business. They also explore growth opportunities and create a clear, enticing package that highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Once your listing is published, Quiet Light’s dedicated team works tirelessly to find the right buyer for your FBA business. With their extensive network and marketing team, they have an impressive sales success rate of selling 85% of their listings in 90 days or less. When a buyer is ready, Quiet Light provides all the necessary documents for a smooth closing.

What makes Quiet Light even more appealing is that they offer a free valuation and marketplace-readiness assessment, with no pressure to sell. If you’re unsure whether it’s the right time to sell, they provide honest advice and even offer a 25-point checklist to determine if your business is sellable. Simply provide your email address to receive the checklist and potential future notifications.

In conclusion, Quiet Light is the go-to broker for FBA businesses due to their expertise, proven track record, data-driven and accurate valuations, and comprehensive process. They are committed to helping you achieve your goals and ensure a successful sale of your online business.

Empire Flippers

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Empire Flippers is a curated marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, with a proven track record of selling over $465 million worth of online businesses. They are a prominent broker for selling Amazon FBA businesses and other popular online business models, with over $9 billion in verified buyer liquidity in their established buyer pool.

The marketplace attracts a wide range of investors, including high-net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and aggregators. This means that you have a higher chance of finding a buyer who is willing to pay a fair price for your business.

Moreover, Empire Flippers ensures that all sellers go through a rigorous vetting process to maintain the integrity of the marketplace. This includes verifying financials, business operations, and seller history. By doing so, Empire Flippers ensures that buyers can trust the information provided by the sellers and make informed decisions.

Empire Flippers boasts a strong platform that is user-centric. In order to start buying or selling with their marketplace simply create an account.

When selling your Amazon FBA business on Empire Flippers, you can expect to receive professional support from a team of experts throughout the entire process. The platform provides guidance on preparing your business for sale, valuing your business, and marketing it to potential buyers. This can greatly simplify the selling process and increase your chances of finding a suitable buyer quickly.

In addition, Empire Flippers offers a secure and transparent escrow service to protect both buyers and sellers during the transaction. This ensures that funds are transferred safely and that the transaction is completed smoothly.

Overall, Empire Flippers is a trusted and reputable marketplace for selling your Amazon FBA business. With its large pool of prospective buyers, rigorous vetting process, professional support, and secure escrow service, it provides a reliable platform for sellers to achieve a successful sale.


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Flippa is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, websites, and digital assets. It provides a platform for owners, investors, creators, and makers to connect and conduct peer-to-peer transactions. With over 17,000 new buyers joining monthly, Flippa offers a wide range of buyers interested in Amazon FBA business assets.

Selling your Amazon FBA business on Flippa has several advantages. Firstly, Flippa has a large and active user base, including potential buyers who are specifically interested in Amazon FBA businesses. This means that your listing will be seen by individuals who are actively looking to invest in this type of venture.

Additionally, Flippa provides peace of mind through its integrated offers platform. It offers safe and secure escrow services, contracts of sale, and a dedicated sales support team to facilitate a smooth transition and secure transactions between buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, Flippa’s platform is designed to streamline the selling process. It provides tools and resources to help sellers effectively showcase their Amazon FBA business, including detailed listing templates and guides on how to start and sell an Amazon FBA business. These resources can help sellers present their business in the best possible light, attracting potential buyers and maximizing the selling price.

Flippa also offers a 21-day first access program for new businesses listed for sale. This gives buyers the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and negotiate deals before the masses. By subscribing to the First Access program, buyers can gain an edge and increase their chances of quickly finding their perfect Amazon FBA business.

In summary, Flippa is an ideal platform to sell your Amazon FBA business. With its large user base, integrated offers platform, and resources to help sellers showcase their business, it provides a convenient and effective way to connect with prospective buyers and achieve a successful sale.

Website Closers

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Website Closers is a reputable online business broker that specializes in helping entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses. They have a team of experienced business brokers who act as negotiators to ensure their clients get the best price and terms when buying or selling a business.

If you are looking to sell your Amazon FBA business, Website Closers is an excellent platform to consider. They have experience with all types of businesses, including Amazon FBA, SaaS, and eCommerce businesses. Their team will work closely with you throughout the selling process to ensure you get the best price for your business.

A business valuation calculator has been developed and is available on the website to help business owners determine the value of their business before working with a broker.

This process can help the owner make a decision about selling or developing an exit strategy. Online valuations and an exit plan for the business are provided.

Website Closers lists businesses on their website, and the names and details of the businesses are only shared with qualified buyers. Business owners can trust that Website Closers will keep their information confidential.

Website Closers is an FBA business broker that offers assistance with sale financing by connecting buyers with lenders, investors, and hedge funds in their network. Their unique financing options make it a popular choice for buyers and sellers alike.

In conclusion, Website Closers is a reputable business brokerage firm with a proven track record of successful deals. Whether you are looking to sell your Amazon FBA business or buy a new business, Website Closers can provide the expertise and support needed to navigate the deal process successfully.

Why Choose a Broker to Sell Your Amazon FBA Business

We stand by the above four brokers as solid Amazon FBA business brokers for several reasons.

Firstly, they have extensive experience and expertise in the field of FBA businesses, ensuring that they understand the unique challenges and intricacies of selling on Amazon. This specialized knowledge allows them to provide valuable guidance and support throughout the sales process.

Additionally, these brokers have a proven track record of successfully selling Amazon FBA businesses, with a strong network of qualified buyers who are actively seeking such opportunities. Their established relationships and industry connections enable them to connect sellers with the right buyers, maximizing the chances of a successful sale.

Moreover, these brokers offer comprehensive services, including professional valuation, marketing teams, and deal negotiation assistance, ensuring that sellers receive the best possible deal structure for their business. Overall, their combination of expertise, experience, and a robust network makes them a reliable and effective choice for anyone looking to sell their Amazon FBA business.

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