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6 Best Amazon FBA Business Brokers In 2023

Owning an Amazon FBA business can be a great way to grow your business while letting Amazon handle the fulfillment process. When the time comes to sell the Amazon FBA business you have been growing you will want to find the best Amazon FBA business brokers to help.

We have put together this list of the six best Amazon FBA business brokers to help prepare and execute your exit strategy or buy a new business.

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As buyers and sellers of business ourselves, we’ve had the best sale valuation and customer service from the following broker.


Empire Flippers is the leading website broker helping people buy/sell internet businesses for a healthy multiple. This includes content sites, eCommerce stores, SaaS & Amazon FBAs.

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Website Properties

Amazon FBA Business Brokers Best Overall Winner

best Amazon FBA Business Brokers

Many website brokerage companies tend to mix website sales with brick and mortar sales. They saw the need for adding website sales to their portfolio but don’t specialize in those types of sales.

That is not the case with Website Properties. Website Properties was developed with one goal in mind. They wanted to be the best at selling websites.

This broker sells many different types of web businesses. Website Properties is one of the top Amazon FBA business brokers.

Amazon FBA businesses are not the only web businesses that they sell. In fact, as long as the business is online, Website Properties will help you sell your current business or buy one you have had your eye on.

With first-hand experience as entrepreneurs, the brokers at Website properties know exactly what the business owners are going through. This gives them an edge over other Amazon FBA business brokers.

Their team of brokers has 20 years of experience as web entrepreneurs together. They have bought, sold, and started more than 50 of their own web businesses.

Website Properties has a streamlined process when it comes to selling an Amazon FBA business. They can help you with the valuation, polishing up the business, listing your FBA business, and finding appropriate buyers.

This broker does offer a free business valuation for sellers ready to explore their options. The sales process they have built has led to a success rate between 85 and 90 percent for business sales.

This percentage is a high number and evokes confidence in those deciding between FBA business brokers.

Quiet Light Brokerage

#2 Pick For Best Amazon FBA Business Brokers

Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage is one of the best Amazon FBA business brokers. Founded in 2006 with a simple phone call, it has grown into a successful web brokerage firm.

The founder of Quiet Light Brokerage started out as a web entrepreneur who sold his business and then helped a friend do the same. That one interaction opened the door for the inception of Quiet Light Brokerage.

As FBA business brokers, they know how to prepare your business for sale. They also know how to find the right buyers for your particular niche market.

Since the founding in 2006 Quiet Light Brokerage has moved to the front of the pack to become a leading among website brokers. This is partially due to their experience as entrepreneurs.

But much of their success is derived from how they have figured out the process. Quiet Light Brokerage has looked closely at the buying and selling process to refine it down to the most effective parts.

This has set them apart from other FBA business brokers. In the beginning, a highly impressive sales team was brought on to work with clients. They were hopeful that this would be the key to growing the business.

However, the business was floundering and the sales team was not helping clients achieve their buying and selling goals. These salespeople did not make effective Amazon FBA business brokers.

That is when web entrepreneurs were brought on as the new broker team. The results were impressive and this is the model they have today.

Quiet Light does have a free valuation tool that is available online to make it easy for business owners to start the process. They keep everything they do low pressure and will help you sell now or develop a plan to sell later.

The choice is always up to the business owner. But they can be confident in the experience and knowledge offered by these Amazon FBA business brokers.

Empire Flippers

#3 Pick For Top Amazon FBA Business Brokers

Amazon FBA Business Brokers List

Empire Flippers is a well known name in the Amazon FBA business brokers industry. Their website is set up a little differently than the previous two on our list.

While the other two have a buyers list and only certain people can see the listings, Empire flippers is one that allows anyone to browse through the businesses offered for sale.

Potential buyers can’t see everything about the business when they begin looking. The listings are their peak interest.

Once a buyer decides to pursue a website or web business listed with Empire Flippers, they must be pre-qualified and sign non-disclosure agreements. This will allow the interested party to see the pertinent business information.

It comes as no surprise that Empire Flippers has a high success rate hovering at 90%. This means that 90% of the businesses listed with them sell.

With this level of successful sales, Empire flippers has won the Inc. 5,000 award. They haven’t won just once, but four years in a row.

Empire Flippers has also been featured in Magazine and news stories showcasing how they are different and what they have to offer.

The website is clear and user friendly. It is easy for anyone wanting to buy or sell a business to find out how to take the next steps.

Website and information accessibility has contributed in a significant way to their success as Amazon FBA business brokers as well as brokering other website sales.

Part of their goal is to provide education and information about buying and selling internet businesses. They have a blog and a podcast for this reason.

Even if you aren’t ready to sell or buy, their blog and podcast can help you gather knowledge about the process and how to prepare.

Digital Exits

#4 Winning Pick

Digital Exits

Digital Exits is a relatively new web site brokerage company. They were founded in 2013 which gives them less than a decade of experience as Amazon FBA business brokers.

But what they lack in official brokerage experience they make up for in business and entrepreneurial experience.

The founder of the company has been an active entrepreneur and businessman since starting his inaugural company at the age of 25. As he began selling businesses and starting new ones, he saw a need for more website brokers.

This is how Digital Exits began. They work only with web businesses making this their specialty. Digital Exits knows all of the ins and outs of buying and selling web businesses because they have done it personally.

Having first hand experience as entrepreneurs and internet business owners gives them a unique ability to explain the particulars to buyers.

The website does have active listings for potential buyers to look through. But as with many brokerage firms, buyers must sign non-disclosures and be pre-qualified before getting the detailed business information.

Requiring this protects the business, owner, and buyer. Often if word gets out that a business is for sale, it will harm the business. That makes the transaction stop in its tracks.

Digital Exits insists on confidentiality on all parts because they understand how important it is.

Their website does lay out a clear path of action for both the buyers and the sellers. Even if a business owner isn’t sure if they want to sell, talking to a Digital Exits broker can provide clarity.

Developing an exit plan before an owner is ready to sell can maximize the profit when the sale does take place.

Website Closers

#5 Winning Pick

Amazon FBA Business Brokers

On first look at the Website Closers site it is clear that they are serious about web businesses. Brokering strong deals for both sides is what they do.

The founders have decades of combined experience with business, sales, and brokering. This is something they offer to their clients everyday.

When the co-founders saw the need for website business brokers through a series of failed business purchases, they decided it was time to start their own internet brokerage firm.

They do not work with brick and mortar businesses. This brokerage firm works exclusively with internet companies.

To help business owners get started, they have developed a business valuation calculator that is on the website. This is a tool that allows business owners to get a relatively accurate valuation of their business before they talk to a broker

Doing this can help the owner decide if they want to take the steps to sell or start developing an exit strategy. Not only do they offer valuations online but owners also get a selling plan for their business.

Website Closers does listings on their website for the business they are brokering. Owners interested in selling can go through the listings to get an idea of how businesses are priced and marketed with Website Closers.

However, the names and many details of the businesses are not disclosed to the general website traffic. This information is for pre-qualified buyers. Business owners who are ready to sell can be confident in the confidentiality afforded Website Closer clients.

Website Closes is one of the FBA business brokers that can also help with financing the sale. This doesn’t mean that they personally take on financing the sale. But they do help buyers tap into the network of lenders, investors, and hedge funds Website Closers has.

This provides a unique way to fund a sale for buyers. Options such as this makes working with Website Closers appealing to both buyers and sellers.

Dealflow Brokerage

#6 Pick For Amazon FBA Business Brokers

Dealflow review

When looking into Amazon FBA business brokers it is impossible to overlook Dealflow Brokerage. This is a young yet experienced and passionate team with a diverse business background.

One key team member was previously a director at, another website brokerage firm. With the experience from this team member has helped numerous buyers and sellers meet their goals.

All of their team members have experience as entrepreneurs as well as different aspects of the website sales process.

Dealflow brokers are not only focused on buying and selling. They also want to help business owners develop a strategic exit plan.

To define the exit strategy Dealflow will help business owners identify their short term and long term goals. This is essential when working on an effective exit strategy.

After several other steps, such as a valuation, the broker will help make a roadmap. This takes into account where you are and where you want to go to set out the path to get there.

The broker will walk with business owners every step of the way. From exit planning to closing the sale the Deal Flow team will be right there. This is appealing to many sellers and buyers.

Business transactions can be overwhelming but Dealflow will take the pressure and uncertainty out of the process.



Empire Flippers is the leading website broker helping people buy/sell internet businesses for a healthy multiple. This includes content sites, eCommerce stores, SaaS & Amazon FBAs.

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