Acquisition Direct Review

Acquisition Direct Review

Buying or selling digital assets can be an overwhelming process which why is many people choose to use online brokerages for assistance. Brokers are beneficial as they have access to thousands of potential buyers, can act as a mediator, and hold your hand throughout the process.

In this review we’re going to be discussing Acquisition Direct in detail, this includes the types of businesses they sell, their fees, benefits, drawbacks, and much more so be sure to stay with us!

UPDATED: July 2024

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Overview of Acquisition Direct

Acquisition Direct Review

Acquisition Direct is currently the oldest internet brokerage for buying and selling digital assets. They’ve been up and running from 2012 and have since brokered over 350 successful deals ranging somewhere in the ranges of $100k-20MM.

On Acquisition Direct, you’ll mainly find content, SaaS, E-commerce, and Amazon FBA-style businesses. As all of their business brokers have previous experience in running online assets they know exactly what their customers look for in a broker.

With a solid understanding of the acquisition market, you can be sure they are experts at what they do.

For Sellers

When it comes to using a broker, their success rate is an important metric to look out for. Acquisition Direct had a closing rate of 92% which is very reassuring to anyone thinking about listing a website on their marketplace.

They also claim to have a buyer network of 15,000 people which explains why their closing rate is so good. The more eyes on your listing, the more chance it has to sell. Sellers can also take comfort from the fact that Acquisition Direct has already sold over 350 businesses.

For Buyers

Buyers who use Acquisition Direct can be assured that the websites they see listed on the marketplace are of the highest quality. This is due to the extensive vetting process Acquisition Direct goes through. It’s good to know that the only websites being shown are legit.

Types of Businesses Acquisition Direct Sells

Acquisition Direct currently sells a number of different websites on their marketplace. These websites include SaaS companies, E-commerce, Amazon FBA, and content sites. Compared to other brokers such as Flippa, there aren’t many listings to choose from.

However, you can be assured that the listings they do have available are of the highest quality.

Acquisition Direct Evaluation Process

For a website to be given a price it needs to go through a valuation process. This is where you’ll tell the brokerage key information about your website so they can put a value on it. These things include when the business was launched, how much traffic you have, income, expenses, and other key information needed to value it.

Acquisition Direct has a free business valuation tool you can use to get an estimate of what your asset is worth. All you have to do is fill in the following :

  • Your name, email, and phone number
  • Business URL
  • Yearly revenue
  • Yearly profit
  • Any additional comments

Once you’ve sent it off to Acquisition Direct they judge your website in 8 different areas and give you a final sale price once the assessment has been complete.

As a bonus, they aim to get back to you within 24 hours with a valuation so you don’t have to wait around long. However, this is behind the curve of other brokers who use automated valuation tools to give an estimate instantly.

Acquisition Direct Sales Process

If you’re happy with the valuation price you’ve got from your website then the next step is to sell it. As you could’ve easily made up the figures during your valuation process, Acquisition Direct will need to verify that all the information you gave was true and accurate. This helps keep all of their listings high quality.

To verify your website Acquisition direct will conduct an interview with you to further confirm your information is correct. This helps their brokers to gain insight into your asset so it can be properly vetted.

When this is finished, Acquisition Direct then requires you to sign an exclusive listing agreement with them that ensure their website is the only broker you’re using. During this time they will use all of their resources in order to find a suitable buyer for your website.

Once your listing is up on the marketplace all you need to do is sit back and wait for Acquisition Direct to do the rest.

Acquisition Direct Commission Fees & Pricing

Online brokers need to make money too and charging fees is how they do it. There are two common fees you’re likely to come across when buying and selling websites.

  • A listing fee – Marketplaces may charge you to simply have your website shown to their pool of potential buyers.
  • Final sale fee – If a broker is successful in selling your website they usually take a certain percentage of your website value once the sale is complete. They can range anywhere between 2.5%-15% depending on the broker used.

Currently Acquisition Direct doesn’t disclose any information about its fees.

Acquisition Direct Success Rate & Credibility

Acquisition Direct Success Rate & Credibility

Acquisition Direct has an impressive 86% close rate since they’ve been up and running. This is very reassuring to sellers who decide to list their website with them. Over 350 businesses have been sold on Acquisition Direct and that number is increasing every year.

They are the oldest online broker right now with 20 years of experience under their belt, as far as authority goes they are right at the top.

There are currently 15,000 people currently among their buyer network which massively increases the chances an asset sells once it’s listed on Acquisition Direct.

4 Major Benefits of Acquisition Direct

They Have Massive Authority

As they have been buying and selling businesses since 2002, Acquisition Direct has massive authority over other brokerages that are new to the scene. This authority gives them a clear image of trust to their users, a business that can last 20 years is a successful one.

Very High Closing Rate

In 2021, Acquisition Direct had a closing rate of 92%. As a seller, once a deal has been started you’re almost guaranteed that they will help you close it.

Detailed Vetting Process

As Acquisition Direct values the quality of businesses being listed they go through an extensive vetting process. This limits any poor websites from potentially being bought on the marketplace.

Acquisition Direct requires an interview in order for a website to be listed, this might deter any misleading sellers who won’t feel comfortable with the interview process.

During this interview, they conduct a detailed evaluation of the business which includes things like the business’s products, services, pricing, distribution, competitors, and financial information.

Their Brokers Have Ran And Sold Online Businesses

When it comes to buying or selling websites you want to deal with someone who has been through that exact process. Acquisition Direct claims that its brokers have past experience in dealing with websites.

This expertise is invaluable as they fully understand any of the problems their customers have.

2 Major Drawbacks of Acquisition Direct

Very Outdated Design

Acquisition Direct have been brokering online businesses since 2002 although it seems they haven’t updated their website design since then. The overall design of the Acquisition Direct isn’t very appealing and could do with an update.

Brokerages in 2022 like to integrate analytics and revenue sources into their listings to prove they are legit, however with Acquisition Direct they don’t so traffic or revenue could easily be false.

Not A Lot Of Listings

If you’re a picky buyer then Acquisition Direct won’t be for you. There are currently only around 10 active listings on the marketplace that haven’t been sold or are under an LOI. Compare this with Flippa’s 6,000+ listings or Microacquire’s 2000+ listings and it’s not a lot.

FAQs About Acquisition Direct

Is Acquisition Direct A Legit Brokerage?

Acquisition Direct is the oldest standing online brokerage in the world. Since 2002 they have been assisting users when it comes to buying and selling websites. They are a completely legit brokerage with a buyer pool of 15,000 and have sold more than 350 websites.

Do Acquisition Direct Charge Any Fees?

Acquisition Direct doesn’t disclose any fees publicly on its website. You can find out more by filling in their valuation form and contacting their team directly.

What Can I Sell On Acquisition Direct?

Acquisition direct allows you to sell websites on their marketplace. The type of websites which can be sold are E-commerce sites, SaaS companies, Amazon FBA, and content sites. The websites are split into three different categories depending on the price.

  • Website price: <$1MM
  • Website price : >$1MM
  • Website price : >$5MM+


Overall, Acquisition Direct is a safe brokerage to use. They have 20 years of experience which is the longest of any digital broker, to still be in business after this long means they must be doing something right.

With the amount of expertise they have, we would absolutely use this broker whether it’s buying or selling.

There aren’t a lot of listings available which vastly reduces your chances of picking out a gem however for sellers fewer listings which equates to less competition. It will be a lot easier for a buyer to find your website on Acquisition Direct compared to Flippa with the sea of competition they have.

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